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HONEST Beautifulhalo Reviews – Is Beautifulhalo a Legitimate Website?

I’d like to make a confession. I began spending my hard-earned money on sites like Beautifulhalo earlier this year. I was curious as to why these kind of websites were so popular.

I’m sure a good portion of my amazing and fashionable readers out here are constantly on the search for attractive stuff on a budget. Now, sites like Beautifulhalo enter the fray with unbelievable offers that almost sound too good to be true.

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I promised an entirely candid assessment, and it’s about time I delivered. So, without further ado, read on to find out what I have to say.

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Beautifulhalo Review

Beautifulhalo is an online retailer based in China that was started in 2014. They take pride in selling apparel and lighting fixtures made entirely in China to customers worldwide.

The company’s aim, in their own words, is to offer customers worldwide with rapidly changing fashion trends. Their ultimate objective? They want to sell everything at rock-bottom pricing so that everybody can purchase something from them.

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They offer a diverse assortment of fashionable clothing and lighting at affordable pricing.

Is Beautifulhalo Legit?

I conducted extensive study to ensure my certainty. And all of this work has been done to assure your safety while choosing a website to trust. Are you prepared to hear the response?

Yes, that is legitimate. This is not another pointless website designed to defraud innocent customers. Despite a few flaws, it appears as though Beautifulhalo is the ideal choice for online purchasing.

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However, hold on! I’m sure you’re prepared to spend some money at the site and purchase anything pleasant. However, why don’t you read and become acquainted with the site first?

Is Beautifulhalo Unique in Features?

Their webpage is comparable to that of other standard e-commerce websites. Simple to navigate, with everything you’re looking for presented on their webpage.

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They use a punch card system to reward returning clients. They can use them to further lower prices the next time they purchase.

People from all over the world can choose from a variety of languages. It makes a world of difference for folks whose first language is not English.

Additionally, they offer Live Chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for anyone eager to discuss their problems or concerns. Isn’t it fairly straightforward to use?

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What can I Buy from Beautifulhalo?

One of their most distinguishing characteristics is that they sell two completely distinct types of products. Clothing and illumination. I know I was taken aback by their categories as well! That is, no one considers lighting when shopping for clothes and vice versa.

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However, you may be astonished at the number of buyers who place orders for both lamps and clothing.

They provide a diverse selection of dresses, tops, blouses, t-shirts, cardigans, and jackets in their clothes area. Additionally, they provide a variety of bottoms, including leggings, pants, and jeans. Both men and women can happily spend hours browsing.

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They feature an enormous assortment of lamps, outdoor lighting, industrial lighting, and commercial lighting in their lighting area.

You can choose from contemporary or traditional designs. I fell in love with a large number of their Tiffany lamp shades.

Beautifulhalo Reviews

Are Beautifulhalo Products Really Affordable?

YES, YES, YES! They are quite affordable, and even if you have a hole in your wallet, you may purchase their goods.

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Prices begin at five dollars, with only a few items over fifty dollars. Numerous promos and special deals are available on their website to help you save even more money. When it comes to cost, Beautifulhalo keeps their word.

Are Beautifulhalo Products of High Quality?

Hmm. When purchasing items at rock-bottom prices, you cannot expect them to be of premium quality.

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I’m not saying the quality is laughably low, but there is a fifty-fifty chance of receiving a high-quality product. The dresses I ordered were surprisingly well-made, whereas the pants I purchased were mediocre at best.

How Long does Beautifulhalo take to Ship Worldwide?

Another location where Beautifulhalo shines brightly. They ship to practically every country on Earth!

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They offer regular delivery (which is always free) to everywhere in the United States of America and Europe.

Other locations charge a delivery fee, although it may be waived if your order exceeds $29. They normally take 12-15 days to complete, whereas lighting delivery take around a month.

To be honest, they receive a high volume of shipping-related complaints. Reviewers have occasionally complained that items were delivered after two months or never arrived at all.

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As I have stated, shopping from Beautifulhalo is a fifty-fifty proposition. In their instance, there are more negative evaluations than favorable.

Does Beautifulhalo Take Returns?

Here, things become a little unclear. They do claim to accept returns for items that are lost, broken, or are not to their liking. However, it should be mentioned that they do not disclose any information regarding their return policy. Any return must be paid for by the consumer with their own funds.

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While shipping costs for deliveries are quite low, the cost of returning an item is quite expensive. It’s not worth purchasing $10 worth of goods and then having to return them at an even higher cost.

Another nerve-wracking aspect is obtaining approval for returns. Submitting a form appears to be straightforward, but they are not receiving the funds they appear to be entitled to. Additionally, they are slow to issue refunds. And in many situations, even months later, many customers have still to receive any returns.

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To my mind, it’s a bit of a pain.

Can I Trust User Reviews?

When it comes to user reviews, Beautifulhalo does not come out on top. They have a reputation for being suspicious, according to many trust sites. Sitejabber rated them as nearly two stars, which is unsettling.

The majority of complaints include late deliveries, the difficulty of obtaining refunds, and bad customer support. Another significant concern I discovered was that some users received things that were damaged or missing pieces. Not something I want to come across while shopping online.

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Is Payment Safe at Beautifulhalo?

They are trustworthy when it comes to payment protection and online security. Beautifulhalo has had its own registered domain for several years. Additionally, they appear to be using a genuine SSL certificate. It’s a sign of reassurance that shopping on their website will not result in a security breach.

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Pros and Cons of Beautifulhalo

To assist you in making an informed decision, I have compiled a summary of all the advantages and disadvantages.


Ships internationally – Offers a diverse selection of products

Owns a domain name and an SSL certificate – Offers free delivery

Reasonable price


Delays in delivery

Difficulty in obtaining refunds

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Where does Beautifulhalo Ship From?

BEAUTIFULHALO ship to North America (United States, Canada), Europe, Oceania and Asia.


The issue remains. Is Beautifulhalo a genuine website? According to my experience and customer reviews, the website is safe to use. However, it is contingent upon your willingness to accept modest repercussions.

They come out on the plus side in certain ways, but some of the major components leave much to be desired. Kindly notify me of your decision.

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