Best Shoes for Skinny Guys

Our Picks on the Best Shoes for Skinny Guys [Legs & Ankles]

Every man desires to look real good on things they wear; what is the joy in purchasing shoes only for you to end up not wearing them because of maybe comments you get from your friends when you wear them.

Choosing shoes sometimes can be a little daunting, most especially if you have a skinny frame, as you will not only get to wonder about the type of shoes that will fit your attire but also the type that will suit your frame.

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As a skinny guy, it is not recommended you purchase shoes that will make your legs look thinner, as doing that will only spell fashion doom.

A poor choice of shoes will not only talk down on your confidence but also cause you severe discomfort with every step taken, so it is imperative to make the right choice when purchasing basic things like saying shoes.

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Some tips to consider before purchasing shoes as a skinny guy include:

  • Avoid shoes that will make your legs appear thinner than they are; shoes like top sneakers and trainers biker boots are a no-no.
  • Go for shoes that make your legs look thicker; shoes with a narrow front do precisely that.
  • Do not go for shoes that give room for adjustments, as this will be a little problematic for guys with extreme narrow legs
  • Avoid wearing heavy or wide shoes as these tend to show how skinny you are

Best Shoes for Skinny Guys Legs and Ankles

Listed right below are the best shoes for a skinny guy to have in his wardrobe, and they are:

  1. Boat shoes, investing in good boat shoes for a slim leg is the right way to go; apart from fitting your legs friendly and easy, they are a comfortable pair to own and wear, most especially when you are traveling.
  2. Another shoe you can purchase as a skinny guy is cloth-lace-up shoes; these shoes can be worn on any casual outfit, they are made of clothes, hence very easy to wash, above the comfort it brings, it also looks very sexy on guys with skinny legs
  3. Looking for comfort and ease to wear shoes as a skinny guy? Consider slides; slides are like slippers for men but much more fashionable; slides are shoes you can either wear indoors or outdoors, depending on your choice
  4. Casual sneakers are another perfect choice of shoes for a skinny guy to consider; going on a casual date or just hangouts, you cannot go wrong with sneakers; they make you look nice, bright, and dope.
  5. For professional shoes you can use to work, business meetings, consider going for Italian pointed shoes. You can never go wrong with these pointy Italian shoes for formal wear, the reason being that it has a unique shape as the toe part is narrow, and this is better suited for guys having skinny legs.
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Men’s Air Vapormax 360 Summit White/White Ck2718 100- Size 12

The men’s air vapormax 360 summits white/white ck2718 100- size 12 has indeed shaken up the sneaker scenes since the year 2017; this sneaker has been constructed from the most comfortable knitted upper and air unit under-foot which is unique; it deserves a spot in any rotation because the Air Vapormax is one hell of a sneaker.

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The men’s air vapormax 360 summits white/white ck2718 100- size 12 fit true to size, so you do not have any problems whatsoever in purchasing it.

However, if you have wide feet, you should consider upping it up to a 0.5 since the toe-box is a little narrow.

These sneakers are very comfortable to wear due to their full-length air bubble across the sole, and it is a little pricey compared to other Nike brands, but they are incredibly premium, especially when felt with the hand.

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Cleaning the men’s air vapormax 360 summits white/white ck2718 100- size 12 is not as easy as giving them a quick wipe; it is much preferable you do not get them dirty because if you do, you will need to get down to it and give the units a thorough wash.

Otherwise, it would help if you went for a much darker colour. This sneaker was first made available on the 14th of February 2020; it cost $49.98 on Amazon.

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Best Shoes for Skinny Guys

Men’s Stroke Running Shoes

The men’s stroke running shoes offers updated support and cushioning; it is lightweight provide maximum freedom of movement with their padded design; it features a cage on the middle area that provides the needed support for running when the shoe is fastened,

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it is tightened around your foot for ideal stability at every step taken. This shoe was made first available on the 10th of January 2020; it is very light in weight. Some of its features are; support and cushioning, Rubber sole, etc.

The men’s stroke running shoes price range on Amazon is from 46.64 to $149.06 on Amazon

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T90 Laser III Firm Ground Soccer Boots

The Nike T90 Laser III Firm Ground Soccer Boots cost $304 on Amazon; this boot is Nike’s elite soccer boots; it has been worn by the likes of Wayne Ronnie, Fernando Torres, and Patrice Evra, among others, this boot features a premium grade synthetic leather upper that makes the boot much more comfortable to wear and gives a touch soft to the ball, it provides an in-step shooting accuracy and ball spin, this makes it very easy for the ball to go to wherever you want to send it to which is to the back of the net.

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Some features of the T90 Laser III Ground Soccer Boots are:

  • Lightweight TPU Studs with optimized stud structure for maximum traction
  • 3times highest density materials
  • Provide a contoured arch and reduces stud pressure
  • Features new adaptive for instep shooting and accuracy with ball spin
  • Lace-up closure

The T90 laser iii firm ground soccer boot’s primary color is black and dark grey.

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Men’s Old Skool Flash Skulls Multi/True White Sneakers Shoe

The men’s old skool flash skulls multi/actual white sneaker shoes cost $54.99. This shoe features a stylish skull pattern throughout the sidewalls in white with red and green highlights for a ton of exciting and contrasting styles.

It features a van’s classic waffle sole for a ton of grip and a comfortable cushioned insole that helps make your feet very comfortable inside the shoes.

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They are the needed addition to any fashion person’s wardrobe. It is the first shoe to bare the iconic side stripe; it is a low-top-lace-up featuring sturdy suede and printed textile uppers; it can withstand repeated wear, has padded collars for flexibility and support, and also have signature rubber waffles on the outside of it.

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How to Look Less Skinny For a Guy

Everyone has their stature. That is what makes us unique and different from one another; hence there should be no reason whatsoever why you will want to change yourself, but as a skinny guy, there are ways you can make yourself appear less thin and more on the thick side without you doing anything dramatic to yourself.

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Some of these ways are listed down below

  • If you are skinny, it is recommended you wear light clothes that will make you look thick; lighter colors like white, beige, pastel will do a great job of accentuating your body natural budges, while darker colors will only slim you down the more
  • Go for wide monochrome belts with a rectangular buckle, avoid wearing jewelry that is too big
  • Avoid shoes that are big and chunky; instead, go for shoes that are a little narrow around the feet region; go for boat shoes and ankle boots as these will help to make your legs appear bigger
  • Ensure that whichever clothes you decide to put on, the shoulder straps should sit right at the shoulder edge; this gives the illusion that you fill up the clothes quite nicely
  • Wear t-shirts that are a little tight around the arm, avoid wearing skinny jeans and tapered legs as this will make you look for the skinner, and that’s not the look we are aiming for
  • Invest in jackets like suit jackets, blazers,
  • Always go for a full long-sleeved shirt, as they help to cover your skinny arms and make you leave less skinner and thicker; you can either wear the long sleeves with jeans, chinos, and cargo as well, you can roll up your sleeves as well to give you more to add up more definition to your look
  • Please do not choose a shirt that is too tight and fit around the chest area; it shouldn’t even be too loose; ensure that you wear clothes that their seams will fit perfectly around the natural lines of your body
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Finally, no matter your body type or size, you can always switch it up by knowing what to wear and how to make the best of it.

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