Calvin Klein Suit Review

[My Experience] Calvin Klein Suit Review

Calvin Klein has consistently over the years produced men’s wear that is of quality, they are innovative and their product line is always ever-changing.

Calvin Klein embodies the American Classic style, their products range from Cologne to underwear, to high-end fashion collections for both men and women.

They speak of high quality and class, it is no wonder that this brand has dressed celebrities as well.

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If you are looking for a quality, high-end, and yet stylish suit, look no further as Calvin Klein has got you well covered.

Calvin Klein rose to prominence in the 20th century, his fashion label was founded in 1968 at a New York departmental store, with their fashionable style of suit, since of course, they are designers, it is of little wonder that the company has become a staple of American high fashion.

Are Calvin Klein Suits Good?

Yes. Calvin Klein suits are good, although most if not all of their suits are not designed with the working place in mind as they are too nice to wear to the office for a lack of better words.

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With their signature slim lapels and clean lines, a Calvin Klein suit is meant for weekend events and parties that need showing off.

The material used in making their suits is of very high quality, they pride themselves in using the best quality of wool for their suits.

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Calvin Klein vs Kenneth Cole Suits

Both Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole are best at what they do and that’s making suits, it makes it pretty difficult to choose who is better between them both.

They are at best, the two most distinguishing brands around and they are always if not often compared to one another.

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Kenneth Cole founded Kenneth Cole in 1982 and it is a fashion house located in the United States.

While Calvin Klein founded his fashion house in 1968 with headquarters in Manhattan. Calvin Klein has San extensive lines ranging from shoes, sportswear, blazers, lingerie, women’s collections, accessories, designer jeans, shoes, belts, sunglasses, perfume, cologne lines, etc.

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Kenneth Cole on the other hand has about five clothing and accessory lines with a dedicated shoe line that is pretty exclusive.

Financially, Calvin Klein stands taller than Kenneth Cole, this may be as a result of Calvin Klien starting up well before Kenneth Cole.

Calvin Klien x Fit Suit Review.

X fit suit or better still the Extreme Slim cut suit, it is made from combining wool and spandex material and lycra to give you a shape hugging and flexible fit like no other.

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Higher arms hole, narrower sleeves, cut closer through the sleeves, chest, and waist, with the trousers being skinny fit with a low rise waist and narrow legs are some of the standing points of the Extreme Slim cut suit of X-Fit.

The X- Fit Suit is the Ultimate power suit for the new millennium designed by Calvin Klein, this suit is designed to show off all your body contours, those great and, narrow waists and broad shoulders, some colors available for this gorgeous suit are black, khaki,

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Navy blue, etc. But that is a good thing, as they can be used for any kind of ceremony.

It is the ideal suit for a business meeting, but you can as well use it for any formal occasion, funeral service, or even a wedding.

Solely designed for modern classic men and they are a fashionable collection that you should not miss having in your wardrobe as it speaks class and high fashion.

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Calvin Klein Suit Review

Calvin Klein VS Ralph Lauren Suits

Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren are both designers and good ones at that, Calvin Klein preferred a softer English style while Ralph Lauren is more of a Style Changing person.

Calvin Klein’s brand has become the go-to for people chasing status, its design is one of the most recognizable brands out there, the company has substantial shares in retail and commercial lines.

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The prices of Calvin Klein Suits starts from $50-$129 and above. Calvin Klein exemplifies Bold, progressive ideals and a seductive aesthetic that is recognized worldwide, they are clean, minimalistic, styling effortlessly with an element of edginess in the brand.

The materials used in Calvin Klein’s designs are comfortable, breathable, and durable, their suits are designed to fit you snugly like a tailored made suit for you and they design with the perfect blend of style and comfort giving you diverse options you can work with.

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Ralph Lauren is more into flashy, extravagant style, in any of his pieces of clothing, you will not only look like a million bucks but also like a movie star.

He not only creates clothes, but he also weaves stories with his clothes.

His corporation is one of the best high-end American Fashion, his products range from medium to luxury segments, meaning there is always something for everyone in the box.

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And up to date, he is still actively involved in running his business, he has more store outlets than Calvin Klein amongst other things.

Ralph Lauren group manages a total of not less than 17 fashion brands and 4 lifestyle brands all across 493 directly operated stores in over 30 countries.

His style speaks of longevity, timelessness, and style with his focus solely on Classic American Clothing.

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Ralph Lauren is widely known for its polo shirts from the oldest brands in its portfolio.

Customers are allowed to express their personalities when wearing Ralph Lauren Clothings, he has a balance of class and simplicity

From so many reviews gotten, most people went for Ralph Lauren, but it does not matter, it is all based on personal preferences,

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Ralph Lauren appeal to all type of crowds while Calvin Klein is a more erotic and sexually advertised brand.

They are both very good and unique in their style, so it is quite hard to say who won between them both.

Calvin Klein Infinite Stretch Suit Review

The Calvin Klein Infinite Stretch Suit is cut in a tailored slim fit with the dress pants crafted with a 4-way stretch for ultimate comfort.

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It features a low rise, extra slim fit through the hips and thighs with the most narrow leg opening, finished hem, flat front, and no cuffs.

From the reviews gotten from buyers about the Calvin Klein Infinite Stretch suit you will discover that most of them don’t find the suit all that good, they feel it’s moderate.

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Most of them complained of the material being too thin and always getting wrinkled, others complained of the sizes running too small or the hand being too short.

While others gave some positive reviews of great quality, true to size, nice fit, perfect, and all that good stuff.


Calvin Klein is known for style, taste, and class, regardless of the occasion or the festivities, you can never go wrong with a Calvin Klien.

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If you want to be noticed, feel good about yourself, look dapper, fashionable, and all classy then having a Calvin Klein in your wardrobe is a must.

They are a very popular designer fashion brand that is built on an idealized version of the American style, it’s signature call out is energetic, sexy, and casual manner most especially in small details like hand-sewn tie tacks,

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it has the most modern and sophisticated aesthetic, they are a high-quality line of clothing only affordable to few people.

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