Can A Deacon Marry A Couple

Can A Deacon Marry A Couple? & Other FAQ’s Answered!

When talking about Deacon , we have to know a Deacon is an ordained minister below a priest in church , they are also among one of the clergy.They also perform baptism , marriage and other Sacrament in Church.

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Can a  Deacon Marry A  Couple?

Yes and No. A Deacon can marry and cannot depending on the kind of Church , law and Bishop in question. The Latin Church also the Roman Catholic Church  allows Deacon to marry a Couple while in the Eastern Catholic Church forbids it . Likewise, if a Country or state law forbids it , then it’s a no for Deacon.

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How  To  Legally Get Ordained To Perform A Wedding?

Nowadays, it’s easier to get ordained because of the internet compared to the 19’s where internet is limited. You can either get ordained online or through your Diocese or Bishop.

Who Can Legally Marry A Couple?

Speaking of Law , the judges , notary public , justice of the press, minister, priest and Deacon can marry a Couple legally without any consequences.

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Can Episcopal Deacons Perform Marriage?

As said before, if assigned by the Bishop , so Yes an Episcopal (e.g. Anglican.e.t.c) can perform a Marriage.

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Can An Ordained Deacon Perform Weddings In Tennessee?

In Tennessee , an ordained Deacon can perform weddings expect if the so said Deacon is or was an online officiant a law that was passed in Tennessee in July 1 , 2015 by Gov . Bill Lee,  a bill signed by him on the May 21st , 2015.

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Can A Catholic Deacon Perform A Non Catholic Wedding?  

No, he can’t  and if he does he’s got some explanation to do . As per Cannon 844.1 , the Church General rule is that Catholic Sacrament are for Catholics.

The only thing a Deacon could do is assist which the marriage and Annulment law states as receiving the soiuses’ manifestation of consent in the name of the church.

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Can A Deacon Marry A Couple

What Sacrements Can A Deacon Perform?

The Sacrement that can be performed by a Deacon are as follows:

  • Baptism.
  • Marriage Witnessing.
  • Funeral performing.
  • Burial Services.
  • Holy Communion Distribution.
  • A sermon called Homily.
  • Pray the Divine Office each day .

Can. A Catholic Deacon Marry A Couple Outside The Church?

If you are to find yourself in a situation where by you need to perform a wedding outside the church , you need the permission from your Bishop and the diocese Bishop the wedding is being witnessed to avoid consequences.

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 Can Marry You Outside Of A Church?

Legally speaking , members of the clergy (ministers, priests, Deacon.e.t.c) can marry you outside the Church. Although your friend can marry you but you need a marriage certificate to showcase you are legally married.

Can An Ordained Deacon Perform A Wedding In Georgia?     

As said by Attorney Randey Kessler , Georgia Laws allows any religious sect or society including a Deacon to perform a marriage.

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 CAn Episcopal Deacon Marry A Couple?

An Episcopal Deacon or no Episcopal Deacon , they have many similarities in roles . Yes , they can marry a Couple. Once ordained and the Bishop of his Diocese allows it , he can marry a Couple without a consequence.

Can  A Baptist Deacon Marry A Couple?

Talking about Baptist Deacon , marrying a Couple can differ in respect of the Presiding Pastor or Reverend. If the Pastor ordained him or her to perform a marriage then the Deacon can go on but in case the Deacon is not ordained fully to do that , he won’t be able marry a Couple.

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