Goat Shoes Reviews – Over 50+ Customer Question Answered!

If you’re new to the sneaker scene, the sheer number of options available to you could be intimidating.

To choose where to purchase or sell your shoes might be a terrifying experience because there are so many different possibilities and they all tout themselves as the greatest. As a result of our extensive research,

The Sole Supplier has compiled a list of some of the most popular online marketplaces to help you make an informed decision.

Goat, one of the largest online markets, is today’s topic of discussion. Whatever you need, GOAT is sure to carry it because it allows consumers the opportunity to purchase and sell both new and worn shoes. Find out everything you need to know right here, right now, so you can buy and sell with confidence!

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Is Buying Used Shoes From Goat Safe

GOAT is one of the most dependable shoe marketplaces around today. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to locate legitimate online selling sites and platforms as e-commerce platforms have grown in popularity.

Goat vs stockx

Goat has reduced seller fees, faster shipping, and less competition, making it a better option than StockX.

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Who ships faster goat or stockx

Goat ship faster than Stockx

Where does stockx ship from?

Stockxs ship directly from its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan

Where does goat ship from

Customers’ orders are shipped from GOAT USA’s Plainview, New York, headquarters.

How to sell on GOAT.com?

GOAT adheres to a tight guideline when it comes to vendors in order to prevent any kind of scam from taking place.

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There is an application process for GOAT sellers, which includes verifying ID and completing a series of application questions in an effort to prevent scammers from getting their hands on the items they are selling.

Obviously, this cannot be stopped completely, but GOAT does an excellent job of identifying blatant bogus accounts right away.

Once you’ve been authenticated, selling becomes a breeze.

For used sneakers, it’s critical to take good images of any imperfections to ensure that they’re accepted, but for new sneakers you only need to say whether there are any defects with the pair or the box.

After that, you can either ship your sneakers to GOAT’s warehouse so that they can be “pre-verified” (this will allow them to sell faster), or you can retain them in your possession and dispatch them as soon as they sell. You’ll be paid as soon as the sneakers have been authenticated.

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How Does Goat Bidding Work?

You may bid on shoes or buy them quickly through GOAT, which operates similarly to StockX. GOAT will authenticate the shoes before they’re mailed to you, too.

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Additionally, you’ll be hit with an additional $10 delivery fee if you live in the United States, or up to $40 if you’re shipping internationally.

How Long does Goat Take to Verify?

A stringent authentication policy ensures that GOAT’s products are extremely impossible to counterfeit.

A team of experts authenticates each pair in-house, and they also use digital authentication methods to ensure that all sneakers that make it onto the marketplace are of the highest possible grade.

To prevent fakes from slipping through the cracks, the crew goes through a rigorous process of recording every single aspect of each new release.

In this manner, you can completely relax when purchasing sneakers through GOAT’s site. As soon as you’ve made your purchase, you can sit back and relax while our in-house authentication staff handles the tedious job for you.

How Much is Goat Shipping?

In the 48 contiguous states, domestic shipping costs $12; in the 49 contiguous states, it costs $15; and in Alaska and Hawaii, it costs $20. “Instant” items purchased with Next-Day shipment cost $25.

On GOAT, you can track your order by heading to the Orders page in your Profile and looking for the tracking number provided.

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Does Goat Authenticate Used Shoes?

Tracking down fakes on their marketplace is a difficult task because of the large number of shoes listed there.

It’s a different story with GOAT, which employs its own proprietary AI technology to stamp out counterfeit sneakers. Goat uses computer vision and Amazon Web Services to authenticate the authenticity of the products by digitally re-creating the key features and qualities of each shoe.

Andy Shin, GOAT’s Chief Technology Officer, told ZDNet, “We employ a number of different heuristics and data sources to evaluate if the sneaker is real or not. Every day, we see more footwear than anybody else.

Data collection on footwear is one of our specialties. As a result, we’re tracking every pair of shoes that enters our warehouse.

In other words, we’ve seen fakes before. Then there’s the matter of shoe design. When it comes to sneakers, “many data points” are important, he said.

Along with their artificial intelligence (AI)-powered detection system, GOAT also employs a team of sneaker experts.

Emmanuelle Fuentes, GOAT’s principal data scientist, asserted, “They can recognize a fake in like 10 seconds.”

There is a team of authenticators who work with an artificial intelligence system to identify and verify the authenticity of shoes.

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Hundreds of thousands of data points were logged on our items to support our verification procedure and help establish their validity.

All of our inspectors have undergone extensive training and are qualified to check everything from the label to the stitching, texture to the color, and much more.”

Does Goat have Afterpay?

A purchase now, pay later option is available for customers in the United States through our partnership with Afterpay.

This means you may buy what you want now and pay for it over four equal installments, each due every two weeks, with no interest.

Choose Afterpay at the time of purchase, enter some simple information, and receive an instant judgment on your application.

How Fast does Shoes Sell on Goat?

It sells faster but not as on Stockx.

What happens if seller does not confirm on goat

Seller accounts will be blocked and will be deterred from selling except if he file an appeal.

Goat Listing not Showing – What to do

Before you can begin selling, you must have a new account approved. In order to be listed on their site, you must first complete their listing requirements.

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Please contact GOAT customer service if you have followed all of the instructions and it still won’t let you list the sneakers you’ve purchased.

Does Goat Work on Weekends?

There isn’t any shipping on weekends at GOAT. GOAT sellers have three business days to ship a purchase, but that excludes weekends or holidays.

Although some GOAT sellers may ship on the weekend, it’s not the standard. Mon-Fri, you can count on your order to be delivered at its destination.

What is Under Retail on Goat?

Products are sold directly to the general public in modest quantities through retail. The term “retail” refers to the act of selling goods to the general public directly from a retailer’s retail location.

Does Goat Charge Tax?

Orders for taxable items dispatched to customers inside specific states are subject to sales tax by way of GOAT, in accordance with recent Supreme Court judgment in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. and related state tax legislation.

Does Goat Take Prepaid Cards?

All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted by us. We accept American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa if you are purchasing goods in the United States.

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When does the Goat Pay You?

You should expect your payment to arrive in your USD account in 2–3 business days once your withdrawal method has been approved.

Does goat accept visa gift cards?

All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted by us. We accept American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa for purchases made outside of the United States…

Goat and Flight Club Flight Club, which has three retail locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, combined with The Same GOAT……. 750,000 sneakers are now listed on Goat, an increase of three times in the last year.

How does goat black friday work?

For the seventh year in a row, GOAT Black Friday brings our global community together for seven days of promotions, daily Surprise Drops, and the chance to win thousands of prizes…. Surprise Drops, Raffles, and a new contest dubbed Blackout will all be part of this year’s Black Friday Event!

Can You sell shoes without box on goat?

So all you have to do is send the sneakers. Upon verification, you will be able to sell new or used sneakers, boxed or not.

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Does Goat Have Express Shipping?

Priority processing is given to items that are pre-verified, ready to ship directly from GOAT, and receive immediate shipping. For even fastest delivery, select Next Day shipping throughout the checkout process.

What To Know About Goat

One of the best places to buy and sell sneakers is the GOAT resale marketplace. More than 600 staff and an inventory of over 400,000 pairs of high-end sneakers make it the largest high-end sneaker marketplace in the world, with more than 12 million consumers.

Buying secondhand shoes online sounds like a bad idea, yet that’s exactly how this company got its start.

Friends Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano, who ordered fake sneakers from eBay, were responsible for the inception of GOAT.

As a result of this experience, they were motivated to create an app to address the growing counterfeit problem that had been plaguing so many sneaker fans.

Products are sent to GOAT’s warehouses where an AI examines them. Using this technology, a team of experts in the sneaker industry conducts a series of tests to identify the sneakers and verify their authenticity.

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Why Should You Spend Your Money on the GOAT?

When it comes to buying and selling vintage old sneakers, GOAT is the best option. If you’re a true shoe fanatic, you’ll be using GOAT to track for that lost pair.

All of the pairs of possible fakes are sorted using AI technology. GOAT’s Buyer Protection Program ensures that even if something does happen, you’ll be covered.

Information on the GOAT Company.

Official Website https://www.goat.com/
Founded 2009
Owner Eddy Lu
Location Culver City, CA
Customer Service Contact https://support.goat.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Social Media FaceBookTwitterInstragram

How to purchase on GOAT

From a user’s standpoint, purchasing from GOAT is a reasonably straightforward process. Prior to making a purchase, it is necessary to pick whether you want to purchase a new or used pair of sneakers from the wide selection offered.

The condition of new shoes is consistent with what you’d expect from a brick-and-mortar retailer, however worn shoes can vary widely and always come with photos.

Next, you’ll need to choose a size, and the pricing will be revealed as well. “Pre-verified,” which indicates the sneakers are already in stock at GOAT’s warehouse and ready to ship, or “verified,” which means the seller will have to send the sneakers to GOAT for authentication before they can be sent out to customers.

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It’s all included in the price at checkout, so you won’t have to worry about additional fees when your order arrives. Select your preferred payment method and complete the purchase, and your new sneakers will be delivered to your door shortly!

Is it true that GOAT has legitimate sellers?

Sellers who wish to sell on GOAT must go through a rigorous verification process, which means that bogus accounts are detected early on.

Generally speaking, it’s safe to believe that the majority of merchants on the marketplace are legitimate.

Despite the fact that the team is doing everything possible to avoid any unauthorized behavior, it is vital to realize that accidents sometimes occur and things can slip through the net.

If you want to acquire a pair of sneakers without any problem, you can put your faith in the merchants currently listed on the platform.

Here are some things to know about GOAT before you buy.

Is GOAT a reliable sneaker trading platform?

GOAT is one of the most dependable shoe marketplaces around today. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to locate legitimate online selling sites and platforms as e-commerce platforms have grown in popularity.

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Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano launched GOAT in 2015, when they were both students at the University of California, Los Angeles.

After Daishin acquired a pair of Air Jordan 5 Grapes that turned out to be fake, he came up with the idea for a shoe-buying and selling software.

First Scottie Pippen signature shoe, the Air Pippen, retails for $378,073 in the original black and Varsity Red hue.

The OG black and Varsity Red colorway of Scottie Pippen’s first official trademark sneaker, the Air Pippen, retails for $378,073 each.

Disappointed as a sneakerhead, Daishin was more so since he couldn’t get his money back due to eBay’s shoddy policies.

“It became clear that the sector I loved was splintered and hazardous.” The same issues were plaguing many others who purchased footwear. Subreddits, social media channels and blogs are dedicated to teaching people how to tell a fake from the real.

“We believed we could use technology to fix many of the current challenges and that our experience in the space industry would give us an additional advantage.

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We also thought that it was crucial for us to identify an industry that serves a passionate and young generation.”

As a result of discussing with Eddy, the two came up with the idea of creating an app that would be the most trustworthy marketplace on the planet.

Foot Locker, the world’s largest athletic footwear and apparel retailer, made a $100 million investment in GOAT in February of 2019.

According to Foot Locker’s chairman and CEO Richard Johnson, “We are pleased to employ GOAT Group’s technology to further improve the sneaker-buying experience and utilize their best-in-class online marketplace to assist meet the ever-growing global demand for the most recent merchandise.”

“With over 3,000 store locations, Foot Locker will bolster our largely digital presence with physical access points worldwide, delivering greater value to our community of buyers and sellers,” Eddy Lu, GOAT’s co-founder and CEO, stated.

Does GOAT sell fake shoes?

GOAT does not support the sale of unlawful or counterfeit products.

GOAT not only provides a platform for buyers and sellers, but they also verify the authenticity of the products to keep their resale marketplace free of fakes and counterfeits.

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How does GOAT work?

In the GOAT marketplace, vendors, such as boutiques and stores, post their goods for sale, while buyers examine the listings.

Sellers can offer any shoes on the marketplace, but their resale merchandise must first be shipped to GOAT for authentication.

When everything has been checked, the product is dispatched to the customer. Goat, however, will not ship the item to the buyer if it is discovered to be a fake or not exactly as stated.

Pre-verified and dispatched straight from GOAT’s trusted retail and boutique partners, all retail products offered on the site are guaranteed authentic.

Shoes marked “Instant Ship” on their marketplace are also pre-verified and ready to be dispatched to purchasers from GOAT facilities. They are available for immediate purchase.

Which countries does GOAT ship to?

Goat ship to nearly all the countries.

The cost of shipping depends on a variety of factors, including the weight of the item, the shipping destination, the value of the item, customs and tariffs, and the carrier rates.

At GOAT, which is headquartered in Culver City, California, the cost of domestic shipping to the 48 contiguous states is $12 and $15 to Hawaii and Alaska, respectively.

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Items tagged “Insta Ship” with Next Day shipping must be purchased for $25.

In China, the shipping fee is $25, in Canada it is $30, and in all other countries it costs $40. Additional fees may be incurred if the order contains many or large products.

It is the responsibility of the seller to collect and pay sales tax on items that are shipped to customers in specific jurisdictions.

Shipping addresses affect the amount of sales tax that must be paid by the buyer. In some states, shipping costs are subject to sales tax, whereas this is not the case in others.

It is sent from GOAT’s Hong Kong facility to buyers in the Asia-Pacific area following verification and certification.

For how long is the delivery being handled?

It will take three to four business days to ship to GOAT, one to two business days for them to validate the product, and another three to four days to send to the customer.

To summarize, the order will arrive at the buyer’s address in the United States in seven to ten business days.

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GOAT also has a Next Day shipping option for Insta Ship orders with a delivery address in the adjacent states. In most cases, the item will arrive at the buyer’s doorstep within one to two days.

Post Office Boxes and military facilities, on the other hand, will not be eligible for this mailing method.

A normal delivery time of four to eight business days is expected for customers in the United States who order clothing and accessories online.

For overseas orders, however, customs delays may cause delays in delivery.

Similar to other shipments, delays may occur due to emergency situations or harsh weather.

Is GOAT sold in stores?

After GOAT acquired the legendary sneaker marketplace, Flight Club, in 2018, it now has retail locations in Los Angeles and New York City.

StockX, an online marketplace launched in Detroit by Dan Gilbert, Josh Luber, Greg Schwartz, and Chris Kaufman in 2015–2016, is GOAT’s main competitor. Comparing the web reviews of the two businesses, it’s difficult to determine which one is superior.

For one, StockX only sells new, unused sneakers in their original packaging. We’ve seen a lot of complaints about shipment delays and broken boxes from customers of both StockX and GOAT.

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Conversely, some sneakerheads use the popular Sneaker Con app, as well as eBay, Moosetraxshop, and other online marketplaces.

GOAT has a return/exchange policy.

GOAT welcomes returns of anything purchased on New In Box, New No Box, apparel, and accessory purchases, and through their GOAT Clean program as long as the items are in the same condition as when sent.

Special products, Final Sale, and GOAT Storage items, as well as used and special items like Vintage, Sample, ID, Custom, Defect, and Pre-Release, are final sales and cannot be returned or exchanged. These sales are final.

For the same reasons, products dispatched to a freight forwarder or to a delivery address in China will not be accepted for return, refund, or exchange by GOAT.

GOAT offers a three-day return policy for customers who are not satisfied with their purchase. In order to request a refund, customers must first log into their GOAT account and then select the “Request Return” option from the GOAT app.

After an evaluation period of up to seven days, GOAT will issue a credit that can be used for future purchases on the app only in the event that the returned item is approved.

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If you return an item, you will be responsible for the shipping costs, which are not included in any reimbursements.

What is the procedure for canceling an order?

After making an order, buyers have three hours to cancel it, or until the vendor confirms it.

In contrast, orders for pre-verified and authorized items that are dispatched directly from their retail and boutique partners cannot be canceled.

Do you accept credit cards?

For domestic purchases, GOAT takes American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, Visa, Afterpay, and Affirm. A number of different payment methods are also accepted.

Never before has buying fake sneakers been so easy, and never before have so many scams been perpetrated. Even if you’re vigilant, you may still find up with a lousy bargain, so it’s important to be cautious.

Is Buying Used Shoes From Goat Safe?

In order to ensure the safety of all users, GOAT has a strict moderation policy. They’ve been in company for a long time and have a thorough understanding of the sector.

Who has the fastest delivery time? either a goat or a stockx

Goat offers a service called “Instant Ship.” In this section, Goat will ship the shoes they have in stock directly to the buyer. Three to five business days are typical for delivery. For many sneakerheads, expedited shipping is worth the extra money.

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Do GOAT sell fake shoes?

GOAT authenticates every shoe they receive, new or used, regardless of its condition. Buying sneakers on the platform is safe since they have been authenticated by their authenticators.

Can you return on GOAT?

Only items that are “New In Box, New Without a Box, GOAT Clean, Apparel Purchases, and Accessory Purchases” that are returned in their original condition are eligible for a refund. Prior to making a purchase, be sure to review GOAT’s return policy.

In the world of sneaker culture, GOAT is one of the most popular and trustworthy platforms. GOAT, the world’s largest marketplace for high-end sneakers, is valued at $250 million, according to a Business Insider story.

GOAT is a legitimate sneaker marketplace with a cult following among sneakerheads thanks to its $100 million in funding, 12 million members, and a vast inventory of over 400,000 pairs for sale.

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What does GOAT stand for?

GOAT, a resale app for designer clothing, has achieved mainstream success. Eddy Lu and Daishan Sugano were the driving forces behind the project’s inception. The pair purchased a pair of faux Air Jordans.

The acquisition was made in 2015 on eBay by the couple. At the time, Daishan was forced to take the loss because of eBay’s policy.

Though the two were inspired to start their own platform for designer sneakers, they didn’t stop there.

What better way to combat the rise of counterfeit shoes than to create a better platform for people to learn how to tell the real from the fake?

Their artificial intelligence (AI) technology has established a certified buy option that can detect even the tiniest phony. Even GOAT’s Buyer Protection Policy helps protect their clients in the event that a pair of sneakers sneaks between the cracks of their team of experts.

Is GOAT Legal and Safe or a Scam?

Over 12 million people use GOAT, which is a legal and ethical website. Being conned on GOAT is quite unlikely. Their AI technology verifies all GOAT items.

The customer gives each seller a rating. GOAT’s Buyer Protection Program and each of these features work together to give its customers a sense of security.

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No viruses or malware exist on their websites, and they are not attempting to steal your personal information through their sites.

Goat sites that are knockoffs are not to be found, either. Selling on GOAT is also recommended by several vendors in order to complete their ideal collections.

Reliability & Trustworthiness of GOAT

Positive web evaluations outnumber negative ones for GOAT, indicating that the vast majority of its consumers are content.

GOAT’s customer service is the most frequently voiced grievance of its patrons. Only a few customers complained about fakes or faulty orders, and those customers either got their money back or were given store credit to use on another GOAT purchase in the future.

GOAT’s AI verification technology aims to make it the most reliable marketplace for shoes in terms of product reliability.

It’s also worth noting that they provide a Buyer Protection Program in the event that your product does not arrive on time or is a fake. Many more favorable evaluations from vendors rated GOAT as an excellent marketplace than there were negative complaints about inauthentic goods.

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GOAT Delivery Information:

Shipments take an average of:

GOAT takes 7 to 10 business days on average to ship within the United States, owing to the fact that all orders must first be validated by GOAT.

Authenticity and veracity have previously been established for any of their items marked as “Instant Shipping.” In other words, they will be delivering the goods right to you from their own warehouses. Items shipped using “Instant” shipping will take 3 to 4 business days to reach within the United States, but this service does not include military bases or PO Boxes.

To Which Countries does GOAT Ship?

GOAT ships DDU to the majority of destinations outside the United States, including the United States, Australia, China, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Goat also ships to the rest of the world.

Is GOAT’s Customer Support Top-Notch?

GOAT’s customer service has an above-average reputation. Despite the fact that many customers complain about poor customer service, they are rated approximately average in the majority of evaluations. GOAT is clear about the fact that shipping and return procedures can take a while, and most reviews aren’t happy about it.

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On GOAT, canceling an order is simple:

Orders for clothing and accessories have already been confirmed and cannot be changed or canceled. Your order can be canceled within three hours of placing it or before the seller accepts it, whichever comes first (whichever comes first). You cannot cancel an order once it has been accepted by a vendor.

Is GOAT Promo Codes/Discounts Available?

Up to 25% off can be obtained on Business Insider and Couponbirds using GOAT promo codes.

Is There a Return Policy for GOAT?

GOAT’s return policy allows you to return your product within three days after delivery. In order to receive a refund, your returned goods must be in their original packaging, with the return label and packing slip included. Once you receive your return label, you have three days to send the items, and the review procedure can take up to seven days. After the refund has been completed, you will receive GOAT credit to spend on future purchases, less the cost of shipping.

Methods of Payment Accepted by GOAT:

GOAT accepts the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Alipay
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GOAT Staff

In general, GOAT is rated as an average employer. On Indeed, they have a lot of bad ratings about work-life balance, management issues and low compensation.

Some GOAT employees grumble about the difficulty of progressing their careers, while others believe it is simple to do so. GOAT is a decent place to work, according to the many positive evaluations that have been left about the company’s working environment.

Best GOAT Alternatives

As for GOAT, you’ll have to look hard to find someone who has the same collection of vintage shoes that they do. Here are the best alternative to Goat

  • Stock X
  • FIght CLub
  • Stadium Goods
  • ARKK Copenhagen

Can you get fakes from GOAT?

To get past an AI and a team of experts is extremely rare, but you can. Resellers would also have to wait to be paid until their products are verified as genuine. It’s true.

Is it safe to use GOAT?

To begin with, GOAT will not permit the sale of counterfeit or illicit goods. GOAT is a legitimate resource, so your chances of falling prey to fraud are really slim. GOAT does all it can to verify the authenticity of the products it sells.

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Is GOAT or Stock X better?

One of the biggest differences between Stock X and GOAT is that the latter allows you to purchase previously owned kicks. Newly manufactured pairs are the only items available for sale on StockX.

Goat shipping originates in Culver City, California, the home of the GOAT corporate office.

What does the slang term GOAT mean?

All-time great is known as the GOAT, or Greatest of All Time.

Are there any fees associated with GOAT’s service?

You don’t pay GOAT until you make a purchase! Then a commission fee is added. Sellers that are in good standing with GOAT pay 9.5% plus a seller charge for the commission.

Does goat authenticate used shoes?

All of the merchandise we sell is guaranteed to be authentic because we get it from only the finest boutiques and stores across the world. Verification methods include machine learning and digital authentication, as well as in-person verification.

how fast do shoes sell on goat

There is a good chance it will take more than an hour in most cases. Well, I posted my Yeezy 350s approximately three days ago, and they’re still awaiting approval from adidas.

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