Is Discount Direct Legit

Is Discount Direct Legit? | Discount Direct Reviews by REAL People

This essay will assist you in determining the credibility of Discount Direct, a shop that offers furniture.

Are you interested in acquiring as much information as possible about Discount Direct stores? If you’re interested in knowing more, you should read this blog post.

Nowadays, individuals are looking for unique furnishings to enhance their home’s appearance.

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Additionally, the Discount Direct store features an extensive assortment of unusual furnishings that may be used in a variety of ways.

The furniture you’ll find in our online store is designed with size, storage capacity, and aesthetics in mind.

It is considered that buyers in the United States are curious about this internet business. However, Is Discount Direct Legitimate?

Is Discount Direct A Scam?

Today, scammers operate over the web in order to carry out their fraudulent schemes. This is why renowned IT professionals in the United States have recommended that you study the site’s objectives.

To assist you with your research, we’ve compiled a list of facts about the Discount Direct store; take a look and read.

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The date on which the domain name for the online store was created – The domain name for this site is more than two years old, having been registered on 11/01/2019.

The domain name of the online business will expire on the 11th of January 2023.

Social media connections: The site is active on the most popular social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram.

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Customer feedback – At the moment, we’ve uncovered shoppers’ Discount Direct reviews on the official website.

Alexa rank- According to the website’s global internet traffic, Alexa ranks it at 1286095.

Trust index score: the website’s trust score exceeds the industry average of 88 per cent.

The website’s trust index score is 63.5/100.

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Content quality– we noticed a dearth of content on the site. As a result, the quality is subpar.

Address Originality – The website has all the necessary contact information.

Owner’s information – the site has no information about the owner.

While the information above indicates that the site appears to be credible, it is recommended that you read the remainder of this.

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What is Discount Direct?

Discount Direct is an online retailer that is available via the internet. It offers a diverse assortment of home furnishings, beds, and more.

The retailer advertises that it operates physical facilities in a variety of regions. This online retailer offers a diverse assortment of furnishings at reasonable prices.

Apart from that, the company sells products such as seal chairs, sofas and ottomans, nightstands, dressing tables, vanities with dining tables, and barstools.

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If you wish to place an order through this online retailer, please ensure that you adhere to the Discount Direct Legal article until the store’s closing date.

Specifications of Discount Direct

  • Domain creation date-11/01/2019
  • Website’s homepage link-
  • Cost of transportation: $59
  • Offers: furniture for your home and mattresses
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • Return of purchase in 7 days
  • Address of the company: 22640 68th Ave S Kent, WA 98032
  • The shipping period is not specified.
  • Refund policy – within 7-10 working days
  • Payment methods- Recall during check out
  • Social media icons- available
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If you’re unsure about the site’s services or the product’s quality, read a shopper’s remarks below in this section. Is Discount Direct a reputable company?

The advantages of ordering from Discount Direct

  • It is encrypted using SSL.
  • It offers a diverse assortment of one-of-a-kind furnishings.
  • It contains all of the organization’s contact information.
  • There are various physical sites for the stores.
  • It maintains social media profiles.
  • It is returnable.
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Disadvantages of ordering from Discount Direct

  • There are no user reviews available on a similar review platform like Trustpilot.
  • The user interface is poorly designed.
  • The About Us part of the website does not contain critical information about it.

Is Discount Direct Legit

What is the shopper’s discount?

Additionally, we may state that the official website has consumer comments or testimonials.

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Additionally, we discovered numerous customer comments on the website’s Facebook page, where many consumers expressed confusion about the store’s location while others expressed gratitude for their experience at the Discount Direct store’s collection.

If you’ve suffered a financial loss as a result of PayPal, If you’ve misplaced your PayPal funds, read this article.

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Is Discount Direct A Legit Site?

Discount Direct’s online store is accessible via the internet. It deals in a wide variety of home furnishings and mattresses, among other things. However, the store claims to have real sites in a number of cities.

Is Discount Tire Direct Legit?

Use DISCOUNT TIRE DIRECT at your own risk! They are a swindling operation that will not even honor manufacturer warranties that cost them nothing.

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Is Discount Direct $99 Legit?

We do not have sufficient information to respond to this.

Is Discount Pools Direct Legit?

Hundreds of customers in the United States trust Discount Pools Direct. Since 2015, they have been selling on the marketplace.

Is Discount Direct Lego Legit?

This is an entirely fraudulent website. They use fictitious addresses, and hence the credit card transaction is international. No confirmation email or product was ever sent. Avoid at all costs unless you wish to lose money!

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Is Discount Gadgets Direct Legit?

Nope. On our chart, it has the lowest trust rating. Consider it and its Gadgets industry.


To summarize this article To summarize, we believe that the Discount Direct store is worth considering; however, we strongly suggest everyone complete their own research before purchasing anything from the site.

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Even after two years, we have gotten no reviews from external sources or review portals.

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