Is G2a Legit

Is G2a Legit and Safe? How it Works!

Are you one of those gamers that enjoys playing new games but cannot afford to purchase them? If you answered yes, you’re probably seeking for websites or platforms where you can get games at a discount. is one such website where you can purchase games at discounted costs. However, is G2A legitimate? Is purchasing games from G2A safe? If this is the case, how come G2A is so inexpensive? You’re probably having all of these questions, but don’t worry; I’ll address them all in this essay.

What is G2A?

G2A is an online marketplace where you can purchase a variety of video game activation keys/licenses, skins, DLCs, and other software.

The majority of folks utilize it to purchase cheap steam keys. The low cost of video games contributes to their appeal.

G2A provides a marketplace for CD-key distributors to sell their products and for customers to purchase them.

In other words, G2A does not sell the keys directly. G2A claims to have more than 19 million customers worldwide.

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How to buy games from G2A?

Purchasing games and software from G2A is a simple process. Simply follow these straightforward steps:

Create a G2A account if you don’t already have one, or sign in if you do.

Select the game you wish to purchase from the homepage or by browsing the categories.

Pay the specified amount with a credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin, for example.

You may use a G2A promotional code if you have one. G2A promo codes can be found in their promos.

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And wait for the keys to be emailed to you.

That is all. Now you can use the key to redeem it for the platform or game for which it was purchased.

Additionally, you can purchase a G2A gift card to use when gifting games and to expedite future payments.

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Is G2A Legit?

Yes, G2A is a 100% legitimate firm. Can you envision a platform with 19 million users perpetrating fraud? No? G2A is a perfectly legitimate website that connects buyers and vendors.

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It is solely responsible for listing keys, processing payments, and providing customer service to buyers and sellers alike.

Payments made through G2A are completely secure and encrypted. It accepts payment via PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard, Visa, iDeal, and MasterCard, as well as Bitcoins.

G2A was created in 2010 in Rzeszow, Poland, with its headquarters in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay.

Is it Safe to buy Games from G2A?

Yes, purchasing games from G2A is completely safe. Each key is distributed by a reputable merchant.

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Although it is exceedingly improbable that any vendor will commit fraud, in the event that this does occur, you can always contact G2A support, who are quick to rectify the matter.

How to get a refund from G2A?

It’s simple to obtain a refund in the event of fraud or incorrect keys. You’ll need to follow this straightforward procedure.

Refund Procedure for G2a

You notify the seller of the issue, and he or she will attempt to remedy it.

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File a claim if you believe the seller is not giving an accurate key and is engaging in fraud.

After the support team receives your email and conducts an investigation, your refund will be processed.

Can G2A get you banned on steam?

No, adding a game key purchased from G2A is identical to adding a standard game activation key.

In any event, the keys are not identified as G2A keys, hence Steam will never take action against them.

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Why is G2A Cheap?

Many people believe that what is inexpensive is unreliable. However, with G2A, this is not the case. The activation keys are identical to those purchased on any other platform.

They are inexpensive because they are sold by third-party dealers who obtain the keys in bulk.

These merchants are wholesalers who purchase big quantities of game activation keys directly from developers and publishers.

When keys are purchased in bulk, they can be sold at a discount. This enables G2A merchants to sell keys at a low profit margin while still profiting.

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G2A customer Reviews received a 3.6-star rating on Trustpilot from nearly 280,349 reviewers. Which is reasonable for a value-for-money platform.

Around 80% of reviewers rate it as great.

Trustpilot G2A

However, 8% of 280K reviews gave the service a ‘Bad’ rating. I’m sure you don’t want to be one of those 8%. Thus, you can always begin with tiny purchases or minor complaints to the G2A support team to gauge their response to your reports.

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This hands-on experience will instill confidence in you regarding the platform and support staff.

If you’d want to read additional reviews, you can do so by visiting G2A’s Trustpilot page.

G2A Alternatives

G2A is not the only online retailer of game keys and gift cards. There are numerous alternatives to G2A, including the following:

  • CDKeys
  • Instant Gaming
  • Greenman Gaming
  • Kinguin

You should use caution while purchasing anything from these G2A substitute websites.

These websites may lack the legitimacy, user-friendliness, reliability, and ethical standards of G2A. Prior to making a purchase, you should verify their legitimacy and reputation.

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Is G2a Legit

How does G2A function? is a website similar to Gumtree or eBay that connects buyers and sellers of grey-market PC game keys and activation codes for PSN and Xbox Live credit, as well as codes for other software, gift cards, and – increasingly – gaming gear.

To be clear, G2A does not sell game codes. It is solely a marketplace for the exchange of game codes. What you do is purchase your key and wait for it to be emailed to you, then log in to the appropriate platform:

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Epic Games Store, Steam, or Uplay, for example, and select the option to activate a game. You enter your key and then download the game files directly from the platform’s servers, not through G2A’s.

How, therefore, can the codes be so inexpensive, you inquire? The answer is that game pricing vary per country, based on average salaries.

Sellers acquire activation codes in the least costly places in order to resell them to purchasers in the most expensive. This results in a profit for them – and G2A – while gamers benefit from a discount off the regular street price.

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G2A enhances its anti-fraud measures. Sellers must authenticate their social media profiles and phone numbers and are restricted to ten transactions before additional verification is required. Its purpose is to deter unscrupulous dealers from defrauding buyers by providing non-functional game codes.

G2A, on the other hand, is disliked by game creators. Some have even turned to Twitter to advise gamers that if they are unable to pay the full amount for their games, they should pirate them rather than purchase them from G2A.

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These assertions are harsh since developers claim they do not receive any compensation when a game is sold on G2A and that codes are frequently obtained through fraud, not legitimate purchases. More information is available in this blog post from Mode 7 gaming.

For example, G2A revealed that it sold over 200 stolen keys for the game Factorio via the marketplace and compensated the developer Wube with $39,600. Nonetheless, this is a rare occurrence, and the majority of codes sold are valid.

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This is also why purchasing these grey-market codes carries a risk: while they may initially work, the code may become invalid if the developer discovers and blocks fake codes. In essence, G2A is not an authorized reseller, and hence is not legitimate.

Knowing what we know, we would not purchase games from G2A; instead, we would support developers directly or through a legal reseller such as Steam.

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Who runs G2A? is the company’s corporate website, which provides additional information on the business plan. It was founded in Hong Kong by a group of passionate gamers with the mission of “offering the finest digital game licenses and retail experience to all our partners and customers.

” Unlike some businesses that conceal their contact information, G2A is glad to share its phone numbers and addresses: their headquarters are in Hong Kong, and they have a support office in Poland.

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The game keys are made available through’ marketplace sellers,’ or third parties with keys to sell.

These could be private individuals who purchased a game but chose not to activate it, or businesses that purchased keys in bulk in cheaper regions. Additionally, they can be keys that were obtained via bogus key requests and are thus effectively illegitimate.

Is it safe to buy from G2A?

When you added a game to your shopping basket, G2A used to automatically add ‘G2A Shield’ to your cart.

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However, it now includes a money-back guarantee with all transactions in the event that “anything goes wrong and the merchant refuses to assist you even if they should.”

And it adds a ‘Order charge’ of approximately 10%, which is one of the ways it earns money.

Thus, the price displayed is the basic price, exclusive of G2A’s Order fee and any payment processing fees associated with one of the numerous payment methods.

Therefore, while comparing pricing on Steam, Amazon, or any other approved reseller, keep this in mind.

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We combed through a large number of gaming forums to determine the extent to which individuals were complaining about G2A.

When we investigated, we discovered that consumers who had purchased games reported receiving keys in just a few minutes that were authentic and valid.

Others pointed out quite correctly that it was the same as purchasing things on the black market and that game publishers might withdraw the codes at any time. There were other others who had a negative experience and had been refused refunds due to not receiving a key or a working key.

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We asked the following questions in order to gain a better understanding of how G2A works. The responses come from a variety of G2A personnel, with some questions being addressed by many individuals. We have not altered the responses in any way.

Where do the sellers of the game keys get their codes from?

The vendor determines the origin of the game keys. Small sellers purchase games on promotion, whereas large sellers purchase games directly from wholesalers.

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The majority of merchants on our marketplace operate their own businesses, which is, of course, their ‘trade secret.’ G2A is a marketplace, and to ensure the highest level of service, all sellers are screened.

Additionally, we provide reviews for each seller/merchant so that customers may verify the seller’s background prior to making a purchase.

Are the sellers private individuals or businesses?

Because anyone can sell on G2A.COM, we have a diverse range of sellers, including private individuals, game distributors, game developers, and wholesalers. G2A Marketplace currently has over 50,000 sellers.

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Additionally, we’re developing customized solutions for game developers and publishers (including indie devs) to give them a unique presence on G2A. Several of them are already selling on our marketplace with success.

How can they sell them so much cheaper than on Steam, Uplay or on Amazon?

If you purchase games during special promotions, you can even receive a 90 percent discount, allowing you to’sell the games’ for a profit. If you are a large seller, you are at the top of the food chain of game suppliers, and they reward you with favorable terms.

See also  5 Best Matching Shoes For Couples is a global solution, and the global market is significantly larger than envisaged. G2A provides numerous fantastic options for local sellers and buyers to trade digital products on a worldwide scale.

Are the codes obtained from players who have already purchased the game and are now selling it’second hand’ or ‘used’?

When it comes to activation codes for games, you can use them only once before they become associated with your account. That means you can no longer sell it.

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There is no way to trade an activated game key. However, there is a thriving market for “second hand” games in boxes in the gaming industry. This issue does not apply to G2A, as our site is purely for the purchase and sale of digital products.

The majority of game codes, such as those found on Steam or Uplay, are associated with an account and cannot be ‘de-registered’ and then resold. Is that accurate?

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There is a way to deactivate the game from your Steam, Uplay, or Origin account, but doing so will prevent you from activating the same code in the future.


G2A is a nearly ten-year-old website that has consistently provided activation keys without issue. However, around one person in ten had a negative experience with G2A.

You can always conduct a trial run on the website prior to making a significant purchase. Additionally, you should examine the seller’s reputation or speak with the seller’s support personnel before making any purchase.

Let us know whether you had a positive or negative experience with in the comments section below.

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