Is Goat Legit for Shoes/Sneakers? REAL GOAT Reviews!

Yes, and the notion of fake and illegality is what GOAT is supposedly trying to alter. According to their claims, they act as a marketplace for the purchase and sale of genuine sneakers. Is this legal? To learn more, keep reading.

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Does goat sell fake shoes?

If you’re looking to get your hands on some high-end sneakers, GOAT is your best bet. Despite the fact that sellers are aware that they will not be paid until their products have been confirmed, a surprising proportion attempt to sell counterfeits on the platform, according to Lu.

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How long does goat take to ship?

Once the GOAT USA team has processed the order, it will arrive in 1–3 Business Days. Customers can choose to have First Class mail delivered for orders under 16 ounces unless they request differently. It takes 1-3 business days for your package to arrive after it has been processed by the GOAT USA team.

Is goat reliable?

Goat is a safe location to buy and sell sneakers because it is highly monitored. They’ve been in business for a while and are well-versed in the specifics of their field.

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How to use goat credit

You can utilize the credit you receive for future purchases because of GOAT’s role as an intermediary between the vendor and the client. Priority processing charge, shipping fees, and applicable taxes will all be deducted from your refund amount.

What does no lid mean on goat?

Goat’s “No Lid” merely refers to the shoes’ packaging without a lid, which is what you’ll receive. Typically, these shoes are bought at discount stores and are kept in a shelf without a top.

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How do offers work on goat?

Make a bid on a goat and see what happens. Determine what you’re willing to pay. Acceptance or rejection will be at the discretion of the seller, who will have the final say. Fill out the required information for shipping and payment.

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How long does goat take to deliver?

Goat attempts to execute all orders within 7-12 working days (excluding Saturdays and holidays), however most orders are finished sooner. Depending on the seller’s ability to get the item certified, shipping times can vary.

Is goat better than stockx?

My own preference is to stick with the stock X version. Compared to Stock X, Goats’ prices are excessively exorbitant, their platform isn’t nearly as visually appealing, and Stock X has a wealth of additional options.

Are Goat shoes Real?

GOAT is a platform that many sneakerheads rely on. With more than $100 million in funding, 12 million users, a massive inventory of over 400,000 pairs, and over 600 workers, GOAT is a 100 percent legit sneaker marketplace.

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Is GOAT Legit and Safe to Use?

GOAT is a reputable site, and the risk of scamming is really low at this point. Users can rest certain that the app’s developers are doing everything they can to ensure the legitimacy of products offered on their platform.

Even though it’s an app that allows retailers to list their wares, it’s also a marketplace. So, how exactly does GOAT ensure the quality of its products?

Ship-to-verify has been the GOAT model since the beginning. A pair of sneakers purchased from a seller will not be mailed to the customer unless the buyer specifically requests that the merchant do so.

Instead, GOAT’s squad receives the footwear first. In order to guarantee the authenticity and condition of each item, GOAT employs a staff of expert shoe specialists.

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then they’ll be sent out with GOAT’s certification of authenticity. The company also offers a money-back guarantee in the event that they arrive at an incorrect conclusion.

Additionally, GOAT employs an AI-aided technique to identify fakes before they reach the experts. With tens of thousands of different models in stock, it’s nearly impossible to get to them all in time.

Will You Be Swindled By GOAT?

They’re able to eliminate fakes in a matter of seconds thanks to an AI image recognition system that’s been trained by experts. There is a long list of signals that the system has been taught to look for in order to detect fraud.

In the end, GOAT serves as an expert middleman between consumers and sellers to check the authenticity of their products.. Moreover, they’re among the best-selling apps on the market.

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Flight Club and GOAT combined in 2018 in a $60 million merger that bolstered both firms’ positions. Foot Locker also contributed an additional $100 million to the new relationship.

Advantages of using Goat

Most of the time, the service accomplishes exactly what it says it will. But that doesn’t imply you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s why GOAT is so good at it:

It’s a breeze to use. If you locate a product you like, you can either buy it brand new or secondhand. Each vendor’s price and contact information is included in this mobile app.

It has been rated by other buyers. To help you decide who to do business with, GOAT allows users to give ratings for each vendor.

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It has a shipping cost that is set at a set amount. Even if you buy or sell sneakers, they always charge a fixed $5 delivery price, which is subtracted as a seller’s fee. As soon as you decide on a pricing for sneakers, you will be able to check your estimated profit after expenses.

They have a team of professionals who are experts at recognizing and eradicating fakes from the supply chain.

Limitations of GOAT Use

GOAT, like any other major service, has its shortcomings.

GOAT’s customer service is the most frequently cited grievance among its critics. There are occasions when customer service queries go unanswered, and refunds don’t get processed on time as well.

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People have complained about obtaining the wrong pair of shoes on rare occasions. There are no knockoffs, just the wrong model, and that can be a real pain.

Is GOAT Legit?

GOAT is a trustworthy company that delivers on its promises. It’s got its good points and bad points in equal measure.

You’ll be conned or not. The chances are minuscule. Despite this, as a vendor, you may become dissatisfied with their level of customer service.

StockX as a substitute for Goat

Lower seller costs, faster shipping and less competition make Goat a superior selling platform than

What StockX and Goat Have in Common.

Services for establishing a user’s identity.

Sneaker authentication is provided by both platforms for every footwear sold on the platform. With this service, sneakerheads who are apprehensive about counterfeit or unlicensed footwear can create trust. The purchasers stand to gain the most from this authentication service, not the sellers.

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Keep in mind that neither of these tools is faultless. Hundreds of videos have been uploaded on YouTube exposing the flaws in these services. You need to develop a brand where clients can buy straight from you.

In both cases, there is no cost to the customer for shipping.

When you send them your sneakers to be authenticated, they provide free shipping in exchange. This also means that the purchaser is solely responsible for shipping. As a result, even if the buyer receives a damaged box, you will be compensated.

In reality, you’ll be reimbursed as soon as your sneakers are verified as authentic. Make sure you package them properly enough for delivery, of course.

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The benefits of selling on StockX.

Doesn’t necessitate product images or further information.

Great sales data and trends may be found here.

In terms of customers, StockX has a larger client base.

Bulk shipping is available from this company.


Hacking incidents in the past

Can’t sell off old sneakers

Shipment in Bulk Is Available at StockX

Sellers on both platforms are eligible for free shipping, which I indicated earlier. The bulk shipment option offered by StockX, however, goes a step farther than that. If you’re selling a lot of products and require a lot of storage space, this is a wonderful option. Your time is saved as well, as you don’t have go back and forth every day.

Sales Analytics and Trends are provided for sellers.

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Because of its unique selling market concept, StockX has become a popular choice for investors. StockX is an excellent resale platform and a tool because they provide sales analytics.

It’s possible to sell on other platforms or in person with those tools. StockX is used by many resellers and sneakerheads to determine what a reasonable price is when selling in person or online. There’s no denying that StockX serves as a benchmark for all other trading platforms.

It’s More Profitable to Sell on StockX.

Over the past year, StockX has outsold Goat when it comes to internet sales. Using StockX, you have access to far more potential customers. This makes it simple to get rid of excess goods. See how StockX has grown to become a major marketplace for used goods.

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Due to the Hacking Risks of Selling on StockX, We Do Not Recommend It

You run the risk of your personal and payment information being stolen if you sell on StockX. A number of customers have been charged for shoes they never purchased. This is due to the fact that your payment details are retained in your account.

StockX is said to have made steps to address this issue. However, as of the time of this writing, there are still reports of people having their accounts compromised. In order to better guard against data breaches, they just implemented two-factor authentication. There is no way of knowing for certain whether or not they have resolved the problem at hand.

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A separate bank account or credit card for StockX is recommended. You should top it up on a regular basis, but do not use it to deposit your paychecks. That way, even if you are a victim of a hack, you won’t lose a lot of money.

On StockX, there is more competition.

There is a huge advantage to selling on StockX, which is that you have access to a far larger audience of buyers. As a result of increased sales, there is a rise in competition from other retailers. As a result of increased competition, profit margins are being squeezed for all parties involved.

After two days following a buzz release, resale values tend to drop steadily or perhaps dramatically. Despite the fact that this is annoying, the market is open. On the open market, this is what happens.

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StockX versus Goat: Where Should You Sell?

If you’ve read thus far, you should be able to decide whether or not to sell on StockX. StockX is a good place to sell whether you need some quick lunch money or if you’re ready to hold onto the stock till its value rises even further. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a hot sneaker that sells quickly and gives you a healthy profit margin.

Goat has a lot of advantages for sellers.

Recycled Sneakers Are Easy To Sell.

Selling worn sneakers, in my opinion, is the finest method to get started in the sneaker reselling business. In comparison to trying to get your hands on buzz releases, getting started is lot simpler. Don’t get me wrong: selling hype sneakers can bring in a tidy profit. Conversely, if you’re selling worn sneakers, you don’t have to deal with as much competition or worry about speculating on the resale value. In order to assist you locate significant profit margins, I’ve written an essay about the best sneakers to resell.

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It’s Easier to Make Money by Selling Used Sneakers.

Not only that, but the supply of used sneakers is far lower. Reselling sneakers isn’t the only source of income for many people. A large percentage of the people selling high-priced sneakers on the secondary market are teenagers or young adults trying to supplement their incomes. For those who want to make a living selling sneakers, the best bet is to start off by selling worn pairs.

It’s a Buyer’s Market.

This is a buyer’s market for used sneakers. Several factors are at play here. For one thing, the price is established by the seller, who has the power to do so. This is in contrast to a site like StockX, where customers influence the selling price.

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The final argument is that it’s more difficult to find sneakers in like-new condition. In general, people will use their sneakers until they need to replace them. People that buy grails for the sake of collecting them are also out there, and they rarely part with them. Finally, there are sneakerheads who are willing to settle for a secondhand pair due to the prohibitive cost of a brand new pair. In other words, you’ve got a lot of options now.

Goats have lower seller fees.

As a reseller, your goal is to keep prices down as much as you can. ‘ Maintaining profitability requires an increase in profit margin. Seller costs on StockX are more than they are with Goat. StockX has a 12 percent dividend yield, whereas this one is around 9 percent.

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The Goat Is Able To Store Your Products.

“Goat Storage” is a service provided by Goat. Goat is a storage facility for resellers to keep their stuff till it is sold. It gives you more room for inventory while also ensuring that buyers receive their footwear more quickly.

The ideal time to employ this is when you have enough stock and sales to justify it. In the long run, you don’t want Goat to be the only place where you sell your shoes. Instead of selling through third-party platforms, you should work toward creating your own brand and selling directly from it.

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Faster shipping is provided by Goat.

As quickly as possible is what sneakerheads are all about. There is a problem with the fact that high-end sneakers aren’t available at local retailers. Because of this, they will have to wait for shoes to arrive from online retailers like Goat and StockX.

A six to ten-business-day delivery window is now available on both platforms. When it comes to Goat, you have the option of “Instant Ship.” In this case, Goat will ship the customer’s footwear from their warehouse directly to their front door. Three to five business days are typical for delivery. In order to get their sneakers sooner, many sneakerheads will pay a bit more.

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Your Sneakers Can Be Consigned to Goat’s Consignment Shop.

With Goat, you’ll be able to consign your sneakers if you’d rather not do it yourself. Goat and Flight Club are virtually the same firm. That means Goat can sell your sneakers on consignment to one of the world’s most popular sneaker boutiques.

More time for inventory shipping for sellers by Goat

When you’re a reseller, things may get hectic quickly. One of the best ways to get some extra money on the side is to sell sneakers. While working a full-time job, I presently resell sneakers. During hype drop weekends, it gets very chaotic.

Your business relies on finding and reselling things and finding buyers for your inventory. You must find time to do this. So it’s fantastic because Goat offers you three business days after a sale to send your product. With StockX, you get just two days of access (not business days).

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On Friday, you have till Sunday to ship your footwear to StockX if you sell a sneaker. In addition, you can only send the sneakers via UPS for shipping. On the weekend, UPS is only open for a short amount of time. This is a bummer. Because of this, your options are limited.

Selling on Goat has its drawbacks..

Goat Has Strict Requirements for Photographing Their Products

StockX is one of my favorite sites since it makes it so simple to list sneakers for sale online. When you list your inventory, you’re under no obligation to include images or product details. Just a few mouse clicks and you’ll have it online.

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Goat, on the other hand, is an exception to the rule. For both deadstock and re-used sneakers, they have very specific requirements for the photographing of their products. This makes sense to me. It provides a better view of the goods for the buyer, allowing them to make an educated purchasing decision.

But the most aggravating component of this requirement is the strictness of the criteria. I’ve had to retake photos an absurd number of times. My photos were being rejected despite the fact that I was using a professional lighting setup and camera.

Creating a Goat Seller Account is more time-consuming than on other marketplaces.

Sellers can easily create an account with StockX. To get started, simply enter your contact information and payment information in the appropriate fields on the sign-up form. Here, you’re good to go!

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Goat, on the other hand, essentially necessitates the completion of an application form. Afterwards, your application must be examined. This process of evaluation can take anything from three days to three weeks to complete.

Goat vs. StockX: Where to Sell.

You have a lot more alternatives on Goat than StockX, in my opinion. Sell new sneakers on Goat instead of StockX if the latter is overcrowded. Because the costs are lower, you can sell for less money.

However, as a beginning reseller, Goat will be your primary source of income. You won’t be able to acquire original footwear on any other platform.

The Goat Is Definitely the Winner.

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It’s clear from the above that selling footwear on Goat’s platform has many more perks. As a result of the lower seller costs on Goat and speedier shipping, you should sell on Goat rather than StockX.

Can you cash GOAT credit?

You can choose between two options. Through ACH direct deposit or PayPal, you can have your money transferred to your bank account.  After logging into the app and tapping the Sell tab, select “Credits” from the drop-down menu and select “Cash Out” from the drop-down menu.

Does GOAT give you money back?

Refunds are sent once the returned item(s) have been processed, less the cost of shipping both ways and any priority processing fees you paid. Any future GOAT purchases will be eligible for the return in the form of credit, subject to certain restrictions.

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How do I change my payout on GOAT simulator?

You can delete a payment method from your GOAT account by going to the checkout page, selecting the payment method you want to delete, and then selecting the “delete” button that displays next to the payment method you swiped left You can delete a payment method from your GOAT account by going to the checkout page, selecting the payment method you want to delete, and then selecting the “delete” button that displays next to the payment method you swiped left on.

How long does it take for an offer to be accepted on GOAT?

Your earnings will be deposited into your GOAT account as soon as our specialists have verified your footwear. You can then withdraw cash from your GOAT account.

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