Is Kinguin Legit

Is Kinguin Legit and Safe? FIND OUT!

The cost of PC gaming is growing. To begin, you must purchase a high-end computer, monitor, and other necessary devices. Then, you’ll have to spend between $29 and $59 for each game you play. Often, these titles are never available at a bargain.

Unsurprisingly, many gamers comb the internet for the best bargains on games and game keys, and as a result, secondary marketplaces such as Kinguin have sprung up to give valid game codes at a fraction of the normal retail price. However, are they entirely legitimate?

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What is kinguin?

Kinguin is a marketplace that enables users to sell genuine game codes to other purchasers. The platform’s technology verifies the legitimacy of game codes, ensuring that you always receive a valid code when you make a purchase.

On Kinguin, you can purchase game codes for a broad variety of games. While the website is most popular for PC games, it also sells software keys, operating systems, and other digital products. Nonetheless, Kinguin’s primary product is game codes.

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Kinguin was founded in 2013 with the goal of assisting users in purchasing genuine games at a discounted price. Unlike torrents and other illegal techniques, Kinguin allows you to purchase valid Steam and other major gaming platforms licenses.

How does kinguin work?

In 2011, Steam successfully launched a new platform aimed at the Russian market. Due to extensive piracy in Russia, the majority of game platforms were unable to profitably advertise their products in the nation.

Steam, on the other hand, succeeded because it offered discounted prices in Russian marketplaces.

Due to the fact that game prices and promotions differ by nation, marketplaces for game codes like Kinguin began to appear.

These marketplaces enable individuals in lower-cost markets to sell game codes to individuals in higher-cost markets.

However, none of the Kinguin codes originates in Russia or other areas with discounted prices. Other Kinguin codes are offered by people who purchase a product by mistake but never use it.

Additionally, some codes originate from insiders who obtain batches of product samples from a game developer.

When you make a purchase on Kinguin, you are eventually making a transaction with another user or a corporation that specializes in the distribution of game codes.

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Kinguin works as a broker and makes every effort to guarantee that vendors are legitimate and conduct business ethically, but it is an open marketplace that occasionally attracts criminal actors.

Is kinguin Legit?

Kinguin is, in fact, legitimate. It is perfectly legal to resell game keys at a discount to their retail value, and Kinguin acts as a legitimate marketplace for third parties to sell keys they have acquired.

If you purchase an invalid product key, Kinguin will refund your money. Kinguin has a pretty high rating because it goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

It has an excellent support team that you may contact via email or live chat. Whenever you have a problem, you may simply contact this support team to have it fixed quickly.

Kinguin keys are always authentic, as the company is able to verify their legitimacy. Kinguin does not inquire about the origins of game codes sold on its marketplace, but it will take action if keys are obtained from sources that could cause problems for consumers.

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As a result, you can be confident that Kinguin is a respectable marketplace that offers genuine keys at reasonable pricing.

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Is Kinguin Legit

Is it Safe to buy Keys from Kinguin?

Generally, purchasing from Kinguin is a safe bet. The platform makes every effort to ensure the legitimacy of any game codes before allowing them to be sold. Notably,

Kinguin is a reliable corporation that offers a respectable degree of customer support.

It’s critical to remember that game creators have no reason to penalize customers who purchase through a portal like Kinguin.

After all, the keys purchased on Kinguin are legitimate. Because developers initially sold the keys that are now being advertised on Kinguin, it is difficult to invalidate a key or penalise a user for using a valid product key legally.

Nonetheless, there have been instances in which game platforms have revoked keys obtained through illegitimate means. For example, EA’s Origin platform is known to delete keys that were obtained “fraudulently.”

However, because the vast majority of product keys sold on Kinguin come from authorized sources, consumers rarely encounter issues with keys failing to function or being withdrawn afterwards.

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Additionally, because most game platforms have no motivation to ban users for removing a key, you never have to worry about your account being compromised if something goes wrong.

How Long Does It Take Kinguin to Deliver?

Kinguin holds your funds for 30 days before allowing you to complete a payment, but they still advertise on their payout page that you will receive funds in 72 hours.

G2A vs. Kinguin

G2A does not have a stellar reputation as a game key reseller. To be clear, it is a legitimate marketplace, but they have a reputation for failing to take action against users that are known to be selling stolen or fraudulently obtained keys.

As a result, some customers who purchase from G2A find up losing their purchased product keys.

If your G2A product key becomes invalid, you risk losing your money. The platform does not have a solid track record of protecting buyers.

With every purchase made on Kinguin, customers have the option of purchasing comprehensive buyer protection. If your product key does not function properly, Kinguin will easily replace it with a new one.

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CDKeys vs. Kinguin

CDKeys is distinct from G2A and Kinguin in that it sells the product keys advertised on its website directly.

CDKeys sells keys through a network of partners. In principle, the direct model employed by CDKeys should aid in user protection.

Thus, Kinguin and G2A are both markets in which you are purchasing from a third party, with all of the associated risks. As a result, we prefer CDKeys, however one area in which Kinguin may have an advantage is price.

Frequently, products on Kinguin are sold for less than 20% of their MSRP. On the other hand, G2A and CDKeys often price their items at roughly 50% of the MSRP.

As a result, while purchasing through Kinguin may provide a better value, the trade-off is dealing with unknown third parties on the marketplace.

Where is kinguin Based?

Kinguin’s headquarters are in Warsaw, Poland. The company employs approximately 250 people, the majority of whom work in customer support. Kinguin maintains a valid license to operate in Poland.

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Kinguin distinguishes out as one of the few reputable firms in a market flooded with enterprises with no real presence. Additionally, Kinguin enjoys a favorable reputation in Poland as well as the online community.

Kinguin is happy to have a sizable following on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Additionally, it has a relatively high rating on a variety of company review websites.

How Long does kinguin take to Process Orders?

In most circumstances, Kinguin’s product keys are delivered within roughly ten minutes. Due to the fact that its system is occasionally slower, it may take up to 30 minutes to obtain your product key.

Additionally, if you are a new customer, Kinguin may take longer to deliver things. As is the case with other game code sites, Kinguin must safeguard itself against scammers attempting to purchase its wares.

As a result, it may occasionally delay issuing a product key to allow time for its customer support team to check that your account looks to be real and that your money was received in full.

For example, if you pay with cryptocurrency, Kinguin may occasionally delay sending your code until the transaction has been fully completed on the blockchain.

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If you have not received your code within 30 minutes, you should contact Kinguin’s customer service team. When support workers notice that you’ve contacted them, they have the authority to ask whatever questions necessary to ensure that your purchase is accepted.

Additionally, make certain you refresh your email. When new emails come, certain email systems take a while to show them. Additionally, you should check your spam folder, as some email providers identify Kinguin’s letters as spam.

How To Cancel A Kinguin Order

Kinguin does not accept returns after a purchase has been made. The company is unable to offer refunds due to scammers.

Scammers would just utilize the game codes they acquire before requesting a refund if Kinguin offered refunds. As a result, all sales are final.

However, if the code you purchased does not work, you can obtain a replacement. Simply ensure that you pay for buyer protection during checkout to ensure that you have the option of returning a damaged game code.

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How To Delete Your Kinguin Account

You may delete your Kinguin account at any time. To deactivate your account, contact Kinguin’s customer care team.

After logging into your account, navigate to the customer support tab. After that, you can create a customer support ticket.

Type “request to delete my account” in the title area of your request. Then, in the body of the message, explain why you wish to delete your account. After that, Kinguin’s team will permanently delete your account.

Why is kinguin so cheap?

It’s difficult to locate games at a lower price than what Kinguin offers. Certain games are reduced by up to 95%.

Additionally, Kinguin offers drastically discounted product keys for Microsoft Windows, Autodesk, Adobe, and a variety of other widely used computer-based software applications.

Kinguin is able to offer affordable games and other software as a result of its extensive network of approved resellers. Developers of video games provide massive discounts in certain countries.

The reduced game codes are then purchased by local resellers and resold on platforms such as Kinguin. Due to the fact that many resellers specialize in finding discounts, they are adept at locating drastically discounted game codes to offer on Kinguin’s site.

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Kinguin Payment Methods

‘PayPal, bank transfer, and credit/debit cards are the most frequently utilized payment methods at, a global gaming marketplace with over 10 million registered gamers,’ according to Jujelyn Villanueva, Sales Development Specialist at Kinguin.

Best Kinguin Alternatives


  • Buy and sell game keys, DLCs, and software.
  • Amass free money known as Ninja Krowns
  • Utilize Ninja Krowns to participate in giveaways including well-known titles.
  • Purchase Ninja Packs with Ninja Krowns; collect a variety of goods that may be shredded for additional free Ninja Krowns.


  • The most popular marketplace for the resale of game keys.
  • Low prices on high-quality titles; keys for a variety of launchers and consoles
  • Price filtering, bestsellers, and more
  • G2A Plus membership entitles you to even greater discounts, prizes, and more.



  • Subscribing to our email entitles you access discount codes.
  • Registration is optional when making a purchase. View current bestsellers and upcoming titles available for pre-order.


  • Purchase gift cards, FIFA packs, and other items.
  • Gamivo Smart – $2.24/month VIP subscription
  • Subscriptions provide access to unique discounts, live customer support, freebies, and customer protection, as well as notifications about the best bargains.
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Green Man Gaming

  • Distributor and publisher of video games.
  • Own indie section dedicated to independent titles and site-published games
  • A comprehensive Community section complete with forums, a blog, and a newspaper
  • Guides and information on a variety of titles are available through Game Hubs.


  • HumbleBundle Benefits: Purchase once and receive the game on all supported systems and platforms listed.
  • Humble Rewards — keep 10% in your Humble Wallet, donate 10% to charity, or do both.
  • Choose from thousands of charities to support
  • Make your own bundles
  • Make trades and enter giveaways
  • Newsroom – articles about gaming



  • Features of GamesPlanet: Official retailer since 2006
  • Purchase games for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • Numerous games are available at fantastic prices.


  • GamersGate’s features include over 6000 games for PCs running Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • There are DRM-free games as well as Steam keys and keys for other platforms available.
  • Purchase games with e-currency: Coins in Blue
  • Tutor for Games – ask and answer game-related questions
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Instant Gaming

  • Features of Instant Gaming:
  • Register and purchase fast CD keys for Steam, PlayStation 4, and more.
  • If the key is not used, a refund is possible; this process may take up to ten days.
  • Take a look at the YouTubers and Twitch streamers who have teamed up with InstantGaming Games.


  • Features of this deal include a digital platform for game keys, DLC, and more.
  • Steam, Origin, Uplay, and are all available on PC.
  • Discover the year’s best games at a bargain price.
  • Purchase subscriptions to Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, and other services.



  • Purchase and sale of game keys
  • Numerous currencies are accessible.
  • Apply for a merchant account to enable you to sell a large number of keys simultaneously.
  • Create a favorites list for the games you enjoy the most.


  • SCDkey Specifications: In operation since 2008
  • Purchase games for a variety of systems, software, and MMO stuff, among other things.
  • Read the latest gaming news.
  • Requests for Games – recommend titles that are currently unavailable, including platform and price.
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  • GameFlip’s features include the ability to purchase digital and physical games, game-related merchandise, movies, accessories, and collectibles.
  • Each month, about 2 million listings are added.
  • Game Hubs – purchase products associated with a certain eSports game and watch instructional videos to help you improve
  • Sell both digital and tangible things.
  • Gigs – provide or utilize services


  • Fanatical Features: Online shop offering tens of thousands of licensed digital games at deep savings.
  • Bundles of video games and eBooks
  • Bundles in which you select the items you want included
  • Bundles of mystery – acquire a quantity of unknown keys that may contain something valuable.

Where Do Kinguin Sellers Get All These Free Keys?

There is some debate over the source of these sellers’ game keys.

A few years back, several hackers used a stolen credit card to purchase Ubisoft game codes and then sold them to buyers on Kinguin.

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Ubisoft first disabled access to those titles for users who were duped into purchasing them with stolen codes. They later changed their minds and allowed those users to keep their codes.

However, in some instances, it appears as though sellers obtain keys through sales or promotions and then resell them on the marketplace.

Thus, some vendors purchase game keys in bulk during sales, hoard them until the offer expires, and then resell them for a higher price than they paid on Kinguin.

Other vendors are simply regular users who receive free game tickets as part of random promotions and then resell them for a profit.

However, the issue is that you never truly know where your key originated. Because, while some keys may be legitimate (for example, if a seller is merely unloading some free keys they received as part of a promotion), there are other occasions where you may be purchasing from a seller who gained their key fraudulently.

Should You Buy from Kinguin?

You should be aware that the corporation and other OEMs give keys and packs. Authentic Equipment Manufacturer keys are less expensive to acquire because they do not include software backup or customer support.

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Simply put, the majority of PC manufacturers purchase OEM keys in bulk from Microsoft in order to install Windows operating systems.

The purchaser of an OEM-activated Windows will receive technical help from the PC vendor, not Microsoft.

OEM keys are inexpensive, and you can even find them on Kinguin. You may purchase, but do not anticipate a non-OEM Windows 10 edition.

For gamers, you can expect to pay less than $15 for a PUBG steam CD key and have it operate. Add Buyer’s Protection to your purchase as well and receive a replacement key in the event the key is invalid.

Are Windows keys from Kinguin legit?

By and large, purchasing software or a video game entails paying the software business or developer the money.

When you purchase a license for Windows 10 or a game on Kinguin, you are just acquiring the software key.

However, in Kinguin, the product key or game codes are purchased from a seller, not from Microsoft. As a result, the issues may persist.

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The product key or Windows keys could be inaccurate, or they could be determined to be incorrect afterwards. This can occur with any type of program or digital goods.

Thus, Kinguin cannot be considered legitimate because the software is not purchased directly from the developer or through verified third parties.

Why should we use sites like Kinguin?

With the explosion of online software and gaming, the majority of people are attracted by platforms that sell reduced game keys.

These software behemoths frequently offer discounted software or bulk purchase offers.

One can easily purchase these and resell them to others at a profit. Kinguin is an ideal marketplace for this.

On their platform, you can find a variety of digital game accessories, keys, and other inexpensive codes.

When you click on the item you require, you will be taken to the marketplace for that software, which may contain multiple sellers and/or purchase options.

Then you can read a few customer reviews from people who have already used the codes or accessories in various video games, compare prices, and choose the site with the fewest negative reviews.

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You can search for comparable websites that provide a buyer protection scheme.

Purchase keys from a variety of suppliers.

Thus, Kinguin serves both ends.

For instance, there may be sellers who have multiple game keys and Windows Keys and wish to sell them at a discount.

Additionally, there are numerous video game enthusiasts in need of game keys, as well as individuals looking to update their Windows or other software while paying less and saving money.

Kinguin provides a feasible but frequently unreliable platform for sellers to sell their game keys and previously used codes and for users to obtain these game keys from buyers without spending a fortune.

Kinguin review: Is Kinguin Illegal?

No, Kinguin is not illegal, as evidenced by a sizable global consumer base and the fact that you can purchase OEM keys from Kinguin for less than the price of the original software.

The point to examine is the source of the software.

Frequently, pirated games are re-released as cracked software. That is, you can access the software directly without having to activate the game keys.

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These games are frequently incompatible with multi-player online gaming.

In terms of other software, you can download Windows 10 and use it without activating it, but you will be missing out on some advanced features.

On Kinguin, you can purchase an activation key for your product.

Consider an individual who has purchased a Microsoft 365 Family subscription that includes access for up to six people.

If he or she has two family members. They can share the remaining four codes with others, and Kinguin facilitates this process.

A buyer will appreciate a paid Office 365 with Premium app features at a fraction of the $79 price. As a result, it is not illegal. This way, buyers can maximize the value of an authentic product purchased directly from the seller.

However, if you download a video game, say FIFA 19, from an illegal source and then use Kinguin to activate it for online play, it will be deemed illegal, but Kinguin will not be held accountable.

It is critical to recognize that the onus is on you. Individuals can use Kinguin to exchange game keys and other software items such as packs, extensions, and mods.

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It does not provide software that places the onus squarely on your shoulders with regards to authenticity.

What is Kinguin Buyer’s Protection?

Kinguin as a marketplace connects buyers and sellers of the same software. At the moment, Kinguin does not, or rather, cannot, validate the product being sold. Why?

Verifying the usability of a software key or a pack of game codes will eat up your time. As a result, seller authentication is not a foregone conclusion.

However, Kinguin maintains transparency in product and seller reviews in order to assist buyers in making the best selection and to protect their marketplace’s reputation.

If you’re considering purchasing a Windows 10 activation key on Kinguin, be sure to read the product’s reviews and the seller’s history, just as you would on Amazon.

Having said that, there are instances (read: there are) when a product or key sold does not function properly.

On Kinguin, forgeries and scams are widespread, and you’d be wise to complete five purchases without incident.

Kinguin does, however, provide a Buyers’ Protection scheme. This allows you to proceed with a purchase and, if the product does not work, you can contact customer support (which is above average at Kinguin) to request a replacement.

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Therefore, if you’re wondering whether it’s safe to purchase Windows 10 or other game codes from Kinguin, the answer is yes, as long as you purchase from a reputable seller, choose a well-reviewed product, and use the Buyer’s Protection feature.

For example, you can purchase a Mortal Kombat Steam Key or other game codes at a fraction of the price of the original, or any other game supported by a distribution portal.

Simply include a buyer’s protection clause.

Insurance or buyer protection fees are minimal, typically around $7 for operating systems and similar software, and significantly less for games. The lump-sum payout remains a steal in comparison to the initial purchase.

On Kinguin, there are favorable game reviews.

You may encounter criticism of Kinguin as a forgery or a scam. However, the positive reviews are numerous and genuine.

They did not amass a global user base of more than ten million through deception.

To give some more caution, avoid purchasing a Windows 10 activation key on Kinguin or any other digital market.

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It is completely free to use unless you require the add-on features and customizations. Given the discount, even if you obtain a Windows 10 product key from Kinguin, purchase it with the insurance.

Additionally, ensure that you are not required to install the product following the download. It should be a plain text file, not an executable or dynamic link library.

Kinguin offers a cost-effective gaming experience. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid accessing the game through illicit or non-legitimate means.

Is Kinguin Legit?

Given that Kinguin does not verify the seller’s identity or the source of the product, it cannot be rated as legitimate.

However, the software keys available on Kinguin work, the marketplace features legitimate reviews and ratings, and the marketplace has also incorporated a Buyer’s Protection insurance add-on with a solid market rating.

However, if you acquire a key without insurance and it fails to work, you have effectively squandered your money.

Additionally, your product key may function now but may not in the future due to the source’s lack of assurance or authenticity.

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As a result, Kinguin cannot be classified as a legitimate marketplace; rather, it is a grey market. At best, you should limit your purchases to gaming-related items or to PC software.

With Windows 7 already defunct and Windows 10 supplanting Windows 8/8.1 on all devices, use the free version. Purchase an upgrade directly from Microsoft (it would be wise to avoid Amazon as well!)

Kinguin and comparable other digital markets like as G2A, SCDKey, and others sell gaming and other software keys at significantly lower prices than retail.

With piracy and the associated hazards continuing to be a problem, people may wonder how software companies remain profitable despite the widespread usage of illicit versions.

While digital distribution systems such as Steam have helped shrink the gap, sites such as Kinguin are posing the question of whether gaming should be more affordable.

In either case, your allegiances may lay elsewhere, but you will sympathize with Kinguin due to its affordability.

Kinguin will not be regarded legitimate until it has a general Buyer’s Protection clause.

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The method by which the keys are obtained is too fantastical for a single consumer to consider.

As a result, Kinguin is not legitimate. However, it is not illegal.

Should I purchase Game keys from Kinguin?

Yes, Kinguin sells software, operating systems, and game keys. Downloading game keys and other fixes from Kinguin is completely safe. However, you should read a few reviews before making the buy.

Are all game keys Hosted on Kinguin Legit?

You can purchase game keys from a variety of vendors. However, when more individuals choose to purchase a game key, the keygen may get exhausted. Therefore, to be on the safe side and avoid financial loss, it is prudent to enroll in a buyer protection program. This way, if your game key is invalid, Kinguin will replace it with one from another seller of your choosing.

Can Kinguin game code be used on pirated games and software copies?

Using Kinguin keys on pirated games or software is not recommended. This is a prohibited technique, and having a valid key does not guarantee the legitimacy of your software package. You can obtain a free trial copy of the original software from Kinguin and then purchase a valid key.

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Is Kinguin Safe in 2022?

Kinguin now has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. There are more buyers who have had a positive experience, accounting for 70% of the total rating. Kinguin does not offer refunds to purchasers who do not purchase buyer protection in conjunction with the key.

Is Kinguin Legit Steam?

If you define legit as the act of purchasing a Windows key or a game key, then the answer is that Kinguin is frequently not authentic. If you define legit as the ability to obtain a Windows key or a game key from Kinguin and have it work, the answer is that Kinguin is fairly legit.

Are Windows keys from Kinguin legit?

If you define legit as the act of purchasing a Windows key or a game key, then the answer is that Kinguin is frequently not authentic. If you define legit as the ability to obtain a Windows key or a game key from Kinguin and have it work, the answer is that Kinguin is fairly legit.

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Which is better Kinguin or G2A?

The only distinction I can make is g2a’s reputation. Kinguin sells inexpensive cd keys, offers buyer protection, and the websites even seem identical.

What if I Purchase a Key Through Kinguin and it Doesn’t Work?

The primary issue with Kinguin’s marketplace is that Kinguin does not verify the legitimacy of their sellers’ keys in advance.

Numerous people have reported purchasing keys through Kinguin only to discover that the key was already in use.

Indeed, have a look at this Reddit post where that precise thing occurred.

The Redditor purchased a key for a famous game, but when they attempted to activate it, they were informed that it had already been used.

And when he brought the situation to Kinguin’s attention, he encountered resistance in getting them to follow the code he had purchased.

They eventually refunded him the money, but who knows whether they would have done the right thing if the user’s Reddit thread hadn’t blown up?

If you want to see other examples of dubious tactics and people whose keys have failed to operate, simply Google ‘kinguin review’. This Reddit user is not alone in having a negative experience with Kinguin.

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