Is Newchic Website Legit

Is Newchic Website Legit? [ANSWERED]

Fashionable items at rock-bottom rates have become a global retail standard in an age where quick fashion reigns supreme and your next killer closet essential is just a click away.

Consumers now have access to a global marketplace of low-cost apparel, gadgets, and home goods thanks to the internet, which has reduced the size of the retail industry.

In the rush to save money, it is all too easy to forget about whether or not NewChic apparel and accessories are really worth it.

Is NewChic secure? Are the vast majority of NewChic reviews good or negative from customers? Is NewChic a legitimate company? Is it possible that you’ve fallen victim to the NewChic scam and don’t even know it?

If you’ve been pondering any of these issues, keep reading.

Our review of NewChic will address all of your questions and provide you with the information you need to make wise purchases while buying online.

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To help you decide if NewChic clothing is worth the price, we’ll take a closer look at consumer reviews. We’ll also examine whether or not a NewChic scam exists, as well as the topic of “Is NewChic legit?”.

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Quick Overview

Fast fashion business NewChic was launched in 2015, making it a legitimate store and the most recent in the neighborhood. However, it has spread around the world. This indicates that it has or is doing some good things.. It is, in reality. According to the website, it sells fashionable clothing at the greatest possible pricing.

It does a great job at delivering the latest trends. It has a wide variety of products and a wide variety of options inside each product. You’ll find a wide range of trends for everyone in your family, including tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, purses, accessories, and beauty goods.

There’s no shortage of stylish things here, but you’ll also find a wide range of home furnishings. NewChic also delivers on its promise when it comes to cost. Many of the things at the store are “steals of the century,” with prices that are extremely competitive. Free shipping is also offered in many regions of the world where you can buy NewChic.

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NewChic isn’t without its flaws, either. Trends abound, but you should beware of things that fall short of your quality expectations. As a result, purchasing from NewChic carries some risk; you may receive wonderful quality, but you also run the danger of frowning and cursing when you open the parcel.

It’s also not uncommon for deliveries to take longer than anticipated. NewChic’s return policy, on the other hand, is downright appalling. Shipping to China for the return of an undesirable item is expensive, and receiving a refund doesn’t look like a simple task. Moreover, there are only 14 days from the delivery date (which is quite short) for you to return an unwanted item.

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Clothing, Footwear, and More from NewChic

Online stores are competing for your business by offering great discounts on fashionable clothing and accessories to help you develop a budget-friendly wardrobe.

NewChic is one of the most prominent websites taking advantage of this trend.

Banners promoting women’s clothes starting at $2.99 and shoes for 70% off are sure to attract your notice if you’re a fan of new, fashionable clothing. However, how trustworthy are these low prices?

Is NewChic Legit?

The Hong Kong-based apparel firm NewChic was launched in 2015. We were unable to uncover any information about the firm’s history on the company’s website other than that the company was founded “with a lovely aim to make high fashion affordable for everyone.”

In addition to apparel and accessories for adults and children, you’ll also find a large variety of household goods on the site.

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How can you know if is authentic, despite the fact that there are many low-cost options? We’ll analyze NewChic’s locations, social media presence, and affiliations in the areas below to see if it’s authentic.

Where is NewChic Located?

As part of our investigation into “Is NewChic legit?,” we looked into the location of the company. According to our investigation, the company’s operating location is in Hong Kong, despite the fact that its billing address is in London.

Also, we discovered an address in Guangdong, China, which is probably where the company’s warehouses are.

It’s not unusual for international fashion retailers to have multiple locations, but it’s not out of the norm. As a result, the fact that the NewChic apparel line has various addresses does not invalidate its legitimacy.

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Aside from, they also have a site for international customers to use.

Social Media Presence

Look through the NewChic company’s social media interactions to see if they are legitimate. Inquiries from customers aren’t being answered? Yes, they upload a new article or video every day. If this is the case, then it is possible that we are dealing with a real business.

An unexpectedly large number of social media sites were identified to be utilized by throughout our investigation:

  • Facebook: @LoveNewChic
  • Instagram: @newchic_official
  • Pinterest: @newchicstylist
  • YouTube:
  • Snapchat: @newchicfashion
  • Twitter: @LoveNewchic

Consumers may expect frequent posts and responses from the business, which helps to maintain the lines of communication open.

We can confidently state that NewChic is a real social media influencer, as evidenced by their consistent updates and well-over one million combined followers and friends across all platforms.

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NewChic & Banggood Confusion

In our NewChic investigation, we discovered that the company’s administrative email addresses are linked to Are NewChic and Banggood owned by the same corporation?

On SaleHoo, a discussion on NewChic’s dropshipping program gives some light. According to a NewChic spokesman, “enterprise partners controlled by separate CEOs but located in the same building.”

Customer complaints about packages branded “Banggood” and their subsequent transfer to the customer support department of the company can be found in a NewChic forum thread.

Both businesses appear to have some overlap in their product offerings. Banggood appears to be more focused on electronics, home goods, and a range of other non-apparel things than NewChic appears to be.

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As far as I know, neither Banggood nor NewChic are fraudulent organizations, but the fact that one is shipping for the other without the other’s knowledge can be a little disconcerting for consumers.

NewChic’s credibility may be tarnished for some customers because of the omission of any relationship between the two.

NewChic Affiliate, Dropship, and Wholesale Programs

Site affiliate programs were uncovered in NewChic assessments of extra products.

NewChic will dropship for resellers.

Those that want to buy in bulk at a discount

This three-pronged approach by NewChic lends credence to the organization and allays concerns about possible NewChic fraud.

This low-cost retail site’s three distinct programs are described in the following paragraphs.

Affiliation with NewChic

Anyone interested in earning a commission on sales made through the NewChic affiliate program is encouraged to sign up. Signing up for the program is completely free.

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By directing people to NewChic through an affiliate URL, affiliates can earn up to a whopping 16 percent of the sale. As a NewChic reviewer, they can also earn free product samples.

A Dropship Program for NewChic

Dropshipping is an option for website owners who want to sell apparel without having to bother with purchasing products, warehousing, or shipping.

Unbranded photos of NewChic clothing are available and the company will send them directly to their clients without the NewChic name. The proprietor of the reseller website subsequently makes money from the sale of products.

As part of the NewChic Wholesale Program

The wholesale program is available to resellers who want to buy NewChic products in quantity and resell them online or in a physical store.

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Buying wholesale from NewChic means that a reseller can save up to 35% off the already cheap list pricing, have access to their online Wholesale Center, and get unique promotions.

NewChic Customer Reviews on SiteJabber

SiteJabber has received nearly 2,000 evaluations of NewChic clothes from satisfied customers.

There are 902 1-star NewChic reviews, 661 5-star NewChic reviews, and 427 customer evaluations ranging from 2 to 4 stars that give the firm an overall rating of 3 out of 5.

Positive NewChic Reviews

According to the majority of good reviews, it’s not the quality of the products that customers are most impressed with. Late or non-existent shipments are frequently the subject of refund claims.

As an example, a recent NewChic review states, “I’ve ordered shoes that I didn’t get.” They returned my money without a hitch, which surprised me greatly. To my friends who like to shop, I pointed them in the direction of this website.

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Another customer expresses her disappointment about a coat she ordered that never arrived, writing in a review that begins: When I contacted the company about this issue, I received an apologetic and polite email every time.

When I requested a refund after waiting the agreed-upon additional time, I was promised that it would be processed within 72 hours of stating my request. Within 24 hours, in fact, it had been repaid I have no reservations about utilizing New Chic again, and I have nothing but praise for the company’s exceptional level of customer service.

An unsatisfied client who received a pair of shoes that were two sizes too big commented that the issue was quickly resolved and that the customer service provided by NewChic was exceptional. Excellent lines of communication; prompt responses to all emails.

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Many customers appear to be pleased with NewChic’s customer service procedures, although it is worth noting that there are a substantial number of customers who have had delivery troubles. It may not be worth the effort of dealing with missed shipments, even if the customer service is excellent.

Is Newchic Website Legit

Negative NewChic Reviews’s product quality, sizing, delivery, and customer service are frequently mentioned in negative SiteJabber reviews. According to one NewChic reviewer, the items aren’t what they appear to be in the images, the sizing is inaccurate, the quality is subpar, and the shipping is a joke; they collect cash immediately and ship 8 weeks later. There are no refunds or exchanges for purchases.

A majority of NewChic reviewers display tremendous dissatisfaction and even downright fury when they write unfavorable reviews. Even while this is typical on review sites, it is worth noting that some customers have had major troubles with their purchases.

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For example, one consumer names the company “NewFraud,” claiming that customer service was “unapologetic and obstructive” after receiving women’s shoes instead of men’s shoes.

Another client complains about having to “jump through hoops” in order to return clothing, including taking photos, contacting customer support, and paying for return shipping to China. This shopper is not alone. Reviews on TrustPilot

TrustPilot currently has 3,594 NewChic reviews with an average rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars. More over half of reviewers gave their purchasing experience a “Excellent” rating, while only 27% gave it a “Bad” rating.

TrustPilot’s five-star reviews were compared to the good ones on SiteJabber, and there was a noticeable disparity.

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Customer service isn’t all that important to many NewChic buyers, but the quality of their apparel and shoes is. “Excellent value” and “love the products!” are common phrases heard from customers.

Most TrustPilot NewChic reviewers appear to like the shoes and sandals, with many commenting on their comfort.

NewChic’s customer service has also been praised for its responsiveness and ability to assist with swaps when a product arrived that was too small.

After unintentionally purchasing an item in the wrong size, one NewChic consumer had an email exchange with the company’s customer care that was both pleasant and expeditious. I’ve already received a replacement dress in the correct size after I returned the original (within 10 days). I am delighted with my purchase from NewChic and plan to return it.

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Negative NewChic Reviews

Customers’ complaints about’s return policy are a common theme in TrustPilot’s unfavorable ratings of the company. Refunds take a long time to be processed, as well as the customer’s duty to cover the return shipping costs.

Several customers have expressed worries about a NewChic scam in their unfavorable NewChic reviews, in addition to a large number of complaints about product quality.

According to one NewChic critic, “trust me on this one,” for example, The fleece waterproof pants were on my list of things to buy. The item I received from China (which took four weeks to arrive) has almost no fleece on it. It’s not even a square foot. I feel that NewChic is engaging in deceptive advertising, and I believe that I may win a court case against them.

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Another customer complained about false advertising for a product that claimed to be made entirely of cotton, but when it arrived, the tag revealed that it was actually composed of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton.

Inconsistent size and accepting payments for out-of-stock products are also frequent sources of customer dissatisfaction.

The corporation did respond to bad reviews of NewChic with an offer to assist remedy the situation.

Is NewChic a Scam?

Consumers are more likely to provide negative reviews about overseas firms like NewChic and Wish if they believe they’re being conned out of their money.

NewChic reviews

A Chinese manufacturer that hasn’t had at least a few scam accusations leveled against it is extremely rare. The reasons for these allegations range from lengthy shipment times, a lack of contact, fraudulent charges, subpar quality, and shady refund procedures.

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Some of this is related to cultural differences in retail customer care, and some of it is due to major problems with accurately portraying the product that a customer receives once it has been delivered.

As far as NewChic is concerned, Is there a NewChic fraud that you should be concerned about?

However, NewChic appears to be honest on the surface, as seen by the favorable feedback from real people who appear to have had positive experiences. Despite the fact that their return policies aren’t ideal, they’re well-publicized, so customers may buy with confidence.

NewChic Clothing Return and Refund Policies

NewChic’s return and refund rules were not made with customers in mind, which is a shame. The client is responsible for “both the shipping cost we paid and also the postage price you pay to return the item back to us” if they return an item that does not have a manufacturing flaw.

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Returned items must be returned within 14 days of delivery; this includes damaged or incorrectly-sized items; a replacement or full refund can be issued.

What if you need to return something for some other reason? Once we have reviewed your order, we will issue a refund in accordance with the circumstances.

Aside from earrings and swimwear, there are a number of items that are excluded from refunds. Items must also be unworn, unwashed, and still bear their original tags if being returned.

As a result, many customers find themselves in circumstances that feel like frauds, where they are either unable or unwilling to get a complete refund for NewChic clothes.

NewChic Clothing Quality Complaints

We should point out that many customers have complained about the product quality, alleging that NewChic clothing is low-grade, unsuitable for most body types, and in some cases, unwearable.

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There have already been a few instances where NewChic reviewers have complained that the item they received differed from the description on the website and was not created from the materials promised.

No NewChic fraud has been found, but that doesn’t mean what you ordered will arrive as promised. Because is headquartered in China, it is unlikely that customers would receive as good a service or product as they would in the United States.

Using the NewChic Web Application

To use NewChic, you must first sign up as a member. Because not everyone wants to fill out a form and sign up before shopping online, this is a disappointment. There are stores that enable “guest orders” in order to accommodate these clients.

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Because of this, you don’t have to be concerned about registration. As previously stated, new buyers can receive a discount of up to $60, but only if they sign up as a member first. In addition, the registration process is simple and only requires you to provide your email address and choose a password.

Even though the NewChic website has a lot of product links (in our opinion), it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something specific, you can either use the search function or browse the product categories. In the categories, you’ll notice that products are well-organized to help you find what you’re looking for. NewChic’s search function allows you to simply key in what you’re looking for, and the site will provide results that are relevant to your query.

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NewChic also shows you things you might enjoy based on what you do on the site. There is a part on the site (Products You May Like) displaying you beautiful outfits if you look at a dress. Choosing a top, you’ll see a section (worn with) that recommends other items that go with the top you’ve selected (skirts, pants, etc).

Your selection will take you directly to a product description page, where you’ll be able to learn more about each piece of clothing you’re considering purchasing. There are a variety of product photos available, including close-ups of specific features. A sizing chart is included in the product description to assist you in placing an order for the correct size.

You can add the item to your shopping cart by clicking “Add to Bag” if you like what you see in the product description. All of the things in your shopping bag may be viewed by clicking the bag icon on the website at any time; you can then proceed to checkout and pay for your transaction. It’s a breeze to place an order.

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Promotion And Discount

It’s much better if you can avoid the entire cost. Promos that provide a percentage off the retail price are therefore particularly enticing. NewChic is exceptional in this regard.

You’ll find a range of promotional offers and discount coupons on the NewChic website’s landing page. At the time of this review, NewChic had a number of promotional offers, including $60 in coupons if you register and begin using the website; $10 off a purchase and a free gift if you download the app; and many other special offers, including women’s lingerie for $0.99 to $3.99 and women’s shoes for $9.99 to $12 off classic men’s footwear. Check the clearance page frequently for the best deals, as some items have been reduced down by as much as 75%.

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Method of Payment

A simple method of payment is essential. Support for a wide choice of payment methods is one way to ensure that customers can choose a method that is most convenient for them. This is where NewChic shines.

In general, NewChic accepts a wide variety of payment methods throughout the checkout process, but your region will play a significant role in which options are available to you.

In addition to PayPal, Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards (all Mastercard and Visa cards), wire transfers, bank transfer payments, SOFORT and OXXO, iDeal payment, Boleto Bancario, Paytm payment, Qiwi payment, Netbanking payments, UPI payments, YandexMoney payment, Ebanking, and more, are all accepted.

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COD is another service provided by NewChic (Cash On Delivery). It is only available in several Asian and Middle Eastern countries (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia) and there are applicable fees that vary according on the order amount.


The classic phrase “buyer beware” is true when it comes to shopping. Low prices aren’t always a good reason to buy fast fashion from international companies.

In the end, NewChic isn’t much worse than other websites that sell low-cost clothing from China and other Asian countries.

For many customers, the fact that NewChic appears to warehouse and sell the products themselves rather than simply connecting buyers with merchants is a benefit. Shoppers may feel more secure knowing that they’re purchasing straight from the company.

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Even though some customers are happy with, others had to go through the hassle of dealing with misplaced or missing packages before they could give the site a glowing recommendation.

There were also a large number of dissatisfied customers who raised major concerns about several issues, including garment quality; shipping; return policy; and customer support.

The extra money you save on a product may not be worth it if you have issues and have to pay extra freight to return an item to China or keep a product that wasn’t what you expected.

Just go in with your eyes wide open, knowing you’re taking a risk to acquire that seemingly amazing offer because of the low costs and pleasant experiences of other consumers.

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