Is Snaptravel Legit

Is Snaptravel Legit for Hotels/Flights? Discover The Truth!

Whether you’ve toured the world or are planning your first journey, we at Pilot understand that a good deal is something we all enjoy. Finding those special offers and discounts while booking flights or hotels can be time consuming and difficult at times.

SnapTravel comes in handy in this situation. Have you never heard of them? Not to worry, we’ve put up a simple guide with everything you need to know!

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What is SnapTravel?

SnapTravel, founded in 2016, is a Canadian firm that uses artificial intelligence to find customers the greatest deals on hotels and flights.

According to GlobeTrender, by August 2020, they would have assisted in the booking of more than 350,000 nights in over 150 countries.

SnapTravel bills itself as a “travel agent with messaging capabilities.” SnapTravel is an accommodation booking website that strives to provide its consumers with the best travel discounts available.

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They offer you special deals and discounts via 1:1 private talks via SMS, WhatsApp, or Messenger. You send them a message specifying your city and date preferences, and they respond with tailored bargains that you can simply take advantage of with a few clicks.

How do you use SnapTravel?

You may also browse hotel offers by city by scrolling down to the bottom of their webpage. This enables you to view what is available prior to initiate communication with SnapTravel to ascertain rates and locations.

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However, you cannot book online; instead, you must access SnapTravel’s deals via SMS or Messenger.

SnapTravel operates similarly to a one-on-one interaction with a travel agent, except they employ artificial intelligence to act as the agent.

Their booking engine searches for private contract rates, bulk fares, and consolidator inventory that are not generally available to the general public.

This implies that customers receive not only the best rates, but also pricing that they may not find elsewhere.

SnapTravel features

SnapTravel is self-described as “half-bot, half-human.” This implies that while the majority of your enquiries will be handled by a bot, you will still have the option of speaking with a live agent if necessary.

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Due to the simplicity of using an AI service, you will receive prompt and effective assistance in locating the greatest rates for your vacation experiences.

Flight Tickets at a Discount

While SnapTravel began as a hotel booking service, they have since grown to include flights. Check out their specialty flight page for excellent flight deals.

Their proprietary flight search technology assists you in locating the greatest unpublished fares, allowing you to fly on a budget-friendly ticket.

In comparison to the hotel booking service, SnapTravel’s flight booking service enables you to perform all of your research online rather than through messaging apps.

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Simply enter your travel details to view all discounted flight alternatives. Take note that if you want to book with SnapTravel, you will have 20 minutes after picking a flight to confirm your payment.

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Who owns SnapTravel?

SnapTravel is a subsidiary of SnapCommerce, a platform that leverages artificial intelligence and messaging to match customers with “the right products at the right price.” SnapTravel’s founders and advisors are profiled on their website, which can be accessed here. Henry Shi and Hussein Fazal founded both SnapTravel and SnapCommerce.

Fun fact: SnapTravel’s first investors included NBA star Steph Curry and Expedia CEO Peter Kern!

Is Snaptravel Legit

Is SnapTravel legit?

Is SnapTravel a legitimate company, and can I rely on their services? Consider what others are saying about SnapTravel.

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SnapTravel has an average TrustPilot rating of 4.5/5 stars. According to their assessments, SnapTravel delivers on its claims and is capable of locating hotels at affordable and reasonable costs.

However, the majority of SnapTravel reviews on TrustPilot were made by invited reviewers, which means SnapTravel requested they submit a review after utilizing their services. Take these reviews with a grain of salt.

What are people’s experiences using SnapTravel?

We understand that judging people’s experiences through star ratings is difficult, so what’s the deal? How many individuals have used and appreciated SnapTravel in reality? And what is the general consensus among SnapTravel’s travel planning app users?

If you questioned some users on Reddit about their experiences with SnapTravel, you’d get a range of responses.

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Additionally, there are numerous other SnapTravel review sites with numerous user reviews.

The consensus is that SnapTravel is beneficial for the purposes stated. The public adores it for this reason.

Certain individuals may have had disparate experiences, which could explain why there are some unfavourable reviews or even complaints about SnapTravel online.

What’s the deal with the SnapTravel Complaints?

If you’ve been browsing SnapTravel review boards on various websites and sources, you’ve definitely come across some bad reviews or complaints from users regarding their SnapTravel experiences. What are these users’ specific grievances, and are they legitimate?

The majority of complaints center on difficulties in communication and coordination from SnapTravel and the hotels.

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This implies that SnapTravel’s information regarding the hotel’s amenities and policies may be out of current or incorrect. Additionally, you may encounter issues with SnapTravel failing to transmit the payments you have paid to the hotel on time.

Regardless of the situation, it’s always a good idea to double-check the hotel’s website for facilities and with SnapTravel before departing on your travels.

While some have referred to SnapTravel as a scam, these are simply customer complaints about their experiences with the app and should not be taken as representative of the general app experience.

SnapTravel is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Is SnapTravel Refundable?

Regrettably, if you booked a non-refundable trip with SnapTravel, no refunds will be provided for cancellations or alterations. Another critical note in the fine print is that SnapTravel is not responsible for any troubles that may arise with the hotel source.

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You are responsible for any fees incurred if a hotel is unable to honor your bookings.

Therefore, how does SnapTravel’s stated cancellation and refund policy read?

SnapTravel is not liable for any issues that arise as a result of “delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure, or any other cause beyond our [SnapTravel] direct control.” No refunds will be provided in these instances.

What’s SnapTravel’s response to COVID-19 related cancellations?

SnapTravel currently has a lenient refund policy for cancellations linked to Covid-19, so don’t stress! If you discover that you must cancel your trip due to covid-19 difficulties but your trip is non-refundable, simply send a message to their support team via their website and they will respond as quickly as possible, hopefully with a full refund.

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How does SnapTravel make money?

Because SnapTravel’s services are provided for free, they do not earn money directly from them. SnapTravel earns a commission on each hotel booking they make. You can read about how they increased their profitability by capitalizing on the pandemic’s influence on tourism here.

Membership Plans

Apart from booking via SMS, SnapTravel also offers a subscription option. For a one-time price of $30, you’ll gain access to exclusive VIP services, including a 5% discount on all reservations for six months and faster assistance. If you prefer to renew your membership after six months, it will cost $5 per month.

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If you decide to become a member, it’s critical to understand that you cannot cancel your membership during the first six months. Following that, you are free to do so at any time.

Career Opportunities

Interested in a career with SnapTravel? Visit their careers page to view all available positions and to apply!

Contact Information

Given that SnapTravel is a web-based service, the simplest way to contact them is via their online chat system. Customer help is available via messenger. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via their messaging service. Additionally, you can access their Help Center to find solutions to frequently asked questions.

If you’d rather call, you can reach them at 1-833-600-5830.

Additionally, you may contact SnapTravel via social media. They are active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Is SnapTravel something for you?

If you’re wanting to streamline and simplify the booking process for your next trip excursion, consider using SnapTravel. With just a few taps on your phone, you can book incredible bargains on flights and hotels!

Score: 4.5/5


  • Provide low-cost airline tickets and hotel reservations.
  • Gratuitous service!
  • Covid-19 policy is adaptable.
  • Excellent platform and user interface.


  • Inconsistent client service.
  • There is a communication breakdown between certain hotels and SnapTravel.

How Much Does Snaptravel Cost?

Snaptravel is completely free to use regardless of the type of vacation you are planning. There are no additional fees associated with utilizing Snaptravel vs other online travel brokers or booking directly.

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Only once you’ve selected a travel package will you be needed to pay for the flight and/or hotel. Indeed, booking through Snaptravel rather than directly with an airline or hotel will save you money.

The only add-on option is to pay $30 upfront for six months of access to the Snaptravel VIP program. Following six months, the VIP program will cost $5 each month.

This package includes complimentary upgrades and booking revisions, as well as booking discounts and a 24-hour concierge service.

You can pay for flights, hotels, and the Snaptravel VIP program with Apple Pay, PayPal, or a credit card on Snaptravel.

How Does Snaptravel Work?

Once you’ve begun interacting with Snaptravel, a discussion will begin.

This Snaptravel Review will now examine how Snaptravel obtains its inexpensive rates and how to use Snaptravel to book.

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The organization operates in a “private 1:1 environment” with hotels and airlines, enabling them to obtain the lowest pricing for each customer.

Snaptravel’s sophisticated technology identifies cheap hotel and flight rates that are not available on the majority of travel websites.

To book using Snaptravel, navigate to and click on “Hotels” or “Flights.”

Snaptravel Hotel Booking

If you wish to book a hotel using Snaptravel, follow these steps:

Enter the destination city, the travel dates, and the number of visitors.

Select the method of contact you prefer: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or SMS, then enter your contact information.

Receive a personalized offer from Snaptravel featuring three hotel deals for your chosen trip at the best available rates.

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If one of these Snaptravel hotel bargains is a good fit for you, you can book and pay conveniently via your device and receive quick confirmation.

Snaptravel Flight Reservations

In fact, Snaptravel’s most distinctive features revolve around hotels. Its flight booking service operates more similarly to those of other travel booking websites, as airlines do not offer “private 1:1 prices.”

To purchase flights with the Snaptravel booking website, follow these steps:

Select from round-trip, one-way, or multi-city flights.

Input the airports of departure and return, the flight dates, the passenger details, and the flight class (economy, business, first-class, etc.) will provide flights that fit your requirements, and you can then choose the flights that offer the greatest combination of price and time for you and your preferred airline.

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Following that, you’ll provide other passenger information, such as the person’s date of birth, gender, and contact information.

Finally, provide your payment details. You will receive an email confirmation after your money has been processed.

What Are the Benefits of Snaptravel?

The following are some of the primary advantages of booking with Snaptravel as opposed to directly with an airline or hotel or through another online travel agency such as Expedia.

Simple to Use

Snaptravel is quite simple to use, and the company’s website is incredibly user-friendly. You simply provide basic travel details and instantly gain access to your bargains.

You can then book directly with Snaptravel and enhance your booking. Snaptravel also stores all of your trip information and confirmations, ensuring that everything related to your trip is in one place.

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The Lowest Hotel and Flight Rates

Snaptravel users have access to some of the best airfare and hotel deals available. Numerous Snaptravel reviewers state that when comparing rates directly with other travel websites, hotels, and flights,

Snaptravel consistently provided the lowest costs. Customers often save between 30% and 50% when booking through Snaptravel.

Deals That Are Fully Customizable

Snaptravel identifies rates that are unique to you and your circumstances. Rather than offering one-size-fits-all deals, you can search for the specific airfare or hotel that you require.

Along with travel details such as dates, you can select specific accommodation types, upgrades, and more to receive a truly customized bargain.

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Customer Support Available 24 Hours a Day

Customers of Snaptravel have access to customer service 24 hours a day. Snaptravel employs a combination of bots and human people to assist with queries, issues, and complaints. Customer assistance is easily accessible via Facebook Messenger,

Whatsapp, or SMS. Additionally, you can contact Snaptravel’s customer care department at 1-833-600-5830.

It’s completely free!

Snaptravel is completely free to use. You pay just for the flights or hotel stays that you select. If you’re interested, you can join the VIP program for $5 per month, but this is not required to receive deals and book your vacation.

Does Snaptravel Have Any Drawbacks?

Snaptravel does offer a few limitations, which will be discussed further in our Snaptravel review.

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Issues with Rewards Programs

Certain hotels will not award membership rewards points for bookings made through Snaptravel. This does not appear to be a problem when it comes to airline reward points.

Incapable of combining hotels and flights

You cannot book flights and hotel accommodations in one transaction, as you can with other travel agent-style websites, such as Expedia. If you’re interested in booking both hotels and flights with Snaptravel, you must do so individually.

Booking Issues Are Occasionally Occurring

When not booking directly with a hotel or airline, it is more likely that booking troubles and faults will arise.

Several negative Snaptravel reviewers emphasize this, stating that they arrived at a hotel without a booking despite having paid and gotten a confirmation email from Snaptravel. Other reviewers state that airlines canceled flights and Snaptravel was unaware.

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Concerns Regarding Customer Support

Additionally, several bad reviewers state that contacting a live person when in need of customer service is difficult.

Is Snaptravel a Legitimate Company?

Many people desire to know “Is Snaptravel legit?” and “Is Snaptravel reputable?” Yes to both! Snaptravel has genuinely assisted millions of people in locating amazing hotel and airfare deals.

Customer satisfaction is high among Snaptravel users, as seen by their online reviews. Snaptravel has a Trustpilot rating of 4.5/5 based on over 22,000 reviews. Additionally, the organization has an A+ rating and 4.5/5 ratings with the Better Business Bureau, based on over 2,000 reviews.

Are Snaptravel Deals Refundable?

Hotel and airfare arrangements made via Snaptravel may be refundable. While certain hotel stays and flights are fully refundable, the majority of Snaptravel’s packages are not. When canceling certain trips, you may be eligible for Snaptravel credits to use on a future booking.

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Check your booking confirmation or put “my bookings” into the message thread to determine your Snaptravel return policy.

Additionally, keep in mind that you may be charged if the hotel or airline modifies or cancels your booking.

Snaptravel now adheres to the Covid-19 cancellation policy and is more accommodating when it comes to refunds. If your trip is non-refundable and you are forced to cancel due to a Covid-19-related issue, contact the support team, who will make every effort to obtain a full refund.

Is Snaptravel Worth It?

This Snaptravel Review will now address the critical question: “Is Snaptravel worth the money?”

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Snaptravel appears to be a firm worth booking hotels and flights with due to its ease of use, exceptionally affordable pricing, and a large number of delighted consumers.

At the very least, when arranging a vacation, it’s worthwhile to obtain some quotations from Snaptravel. If you locate the best pricing with Snaptravel and choose to book, it appears as though you will receive excellent service and have access to help if necessary.

Numerous excellent client testimonials on review platforms such as Trustpilot attest to the value of booking hotels and flights through Snaptravel. On average, 9% of evaluations are unfavorable, while the remaining 95% are good.

Customers that are satisfied with Snaptravel remark the following:

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How safe and secure booking through Snaptravel is

That Snaptravel averted them from substantial financial loss

“I only book with Snaptravel for the greatest hotel pricing,” one particularly delighted customer comments. I guarantee that the pricing will not be beaten. I enjoy saving money and I enjoy Snaptravel.”

Another five-star reviewer adds: “Overall, the trip was excellent, and Snaptravel maintained excellent communication throughout.” I would strongly advise you to use them.”

If you’re considering booking with Snaptravel, it’s critical to be aware of the disadvantages outlined previously. Customers, on the other hand, rarely have problems, with the vast majority having a positive experience.

Snaptravel may not be the greatest option if your plans change, as the bulk of bookings are non-refundable. Additionally, you should contact the hotel or airline to confirm your reservation.

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Finally, booking hotels and flights through Snaptravel should save you money and simplify your vacation planning!

Is SnapTravel legitimate?

SnapTravel has an average TrustPilot rating of 4.5/5 stars. According to their assessments, SnapTravel delivers on its claims and is capable of locating hotels at affordable and reasonable costs.

Why is SnapTravel cheaper?

It appears as though it’s all about the private texting option. “Hotels sell unsold inventory to Priceline and Hotwire because the prices are too low to display publicly,” according to the SnapTravel website.

Does SnapTravel refund your money?

To assist everyone in sleeping better, Snaptravel guarantees that if you are unable to check into the hotel with your Snaptravel reservation, they will provide you with a full refund. That, my friends, is the Snaptravel promise!

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Who is Snaptravel affiliated with?

Hussein Fazel and Henry Shi founded Snaptravel, which is now owned by SnapCommerce.

How do I cancel my Snaptravel membership?

You can cancel your reservation via the link provided in your email confirmation or via our automated chat on the booking medium used to make the reservation. However, cancellation costs may apply, depending on the terms and conditions of the reservation.

Is Snaptravel part of Priceline?

Booking Holdings, previously the Priceline Group, owns, Priceline, Kayak, and a variety of other websites for renting hotels, automobiles, and air tickets. Additionally, he offers two apps, SnapTravel and GoSeek, to assist you in locating lower hotel rates.

Where is Snaptravel based?

SnapTravel, based in Toronto, was started in 2016 by Hussein Fazal and Henry Shi.

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