Is Ukiyo Kumo Legit?

You may rest assured that it’s a reputable smiling partner shop.

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Ukiyo Kumo Delays

Delays in the supply chain or some other logistical component are indicated by the notification status “delayed.” If a project is delayed, the release date may be pushed back. Please be aware that Ukiyo Kumo is not the only company experiencing delays with their products.

Due to the fact that they only purchase directly from the manufacturer’s global supply chain in order to maintain 100% product authenticity, delays are usually confined to an entire geographic region (i.e. United States, North Amercia).

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Ukiyo Kumo Shipping

Domestically, Ukiyo Kumo Shipping is provided in two ways:

2 – 8 Business Days for Economy Shipping (FREE METHOD)

1 – 5 Business Days for Standard Shipping

Conditions of Delivery

After 2-5 business days of order processing and handling, domestic shipping estimates begin.

In addition to state and federal holidays, holiday seasons may further lengthen shipment estimates.

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In order to take advantage of their free shipping offer, customers must purchase at least $150 worth of merchandise and ship it to the contiguous United States. Items that are ordered individually but don’t meet the minimum order value will be charged $9.95 per shipping. Exceptions may be made for things that are too large or heavy.

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Their distribution hub is in the West Coast and Mid-West, thus customers there will receive ground shipments under their Expedited Shipping Program, which has a 3-day or fewer delivery window.

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Because of the high shipping costs, PO Boxes cannot be delivered to. Any PO Box orders are subject to cancellation and/or delivery modifications solely if the best available option is determined by either: USPS or UPS Logo.

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Due to the fact that all items/products have already been imported and therefore do not need to be processed via customs or duty, all domestic orders are dispatched from within the United States. This assures that you will receive your items/products more quickly and without any hassles.

At checkout, you won’t have to pay any additional shipping charges for your item.

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A free expedited shipping promotion doesn’t inherently mean that all of the other goods in the order must be dispatched in the same manner. It’s safe to say, though, that they’ll always try their utmost to ensure that all orders arrive on time.

For international shipments, there is a possibility of payment authorization holds and origin’s customs delays for an unknown period of time, which may be out of their control and shall not warrant any form of indemnity or allow for order cancellation once dispatched. The receiving party will be responsible for all coordinating efforts and any and all necessary import duties and taxes once the items/products depart U.S. borders. Shipping details with tracking information will be supplied upon dispatch.

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Keep an eye on through

On the day the pre-order item is ready for shipment, all orders including multiple products will be dispatched together (at once). In order to expedite the delivery of pre-orders, please purchase them separately, and do not include any stock items as part of the transaction at checkout.

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Orders being shipped domestically or internationally will have emails sent to them automatically to keep them apprised of the progress. If you have any queries or concerns about the status of your shipments, you may contact their customer service team at [email protected] or through their website.

Loss and Damage Claims

Ukiyo Kumo disclaims all responsibility and liability for any damage, theft, or loss caused by shipping or delivery services. Even if one of these tragic circumstances happens to your delivery, you still have choices for repair.

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In the event of damage to the product’s outer packaging (art box) or carton, the product cannot be exchanged. Only the actual physical item contained in the carton (such as a figurine, statue, model, etc.) has to be authenticated in the event of product damage.

Please take note that USPS requires a 15-day waiting period from the original mailing date for any damage and loss claims.

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Purchases made before August 31, 2021 are eligible.

In order to begin the claims process if your item is damaged in transit, the shipping company will need photographic evidence of the original shipment and any accompanying product damage.

The shipping business will conduct an investigation of the claim, and their results will be final. Approved claims may be exchanged or reimbursed if no longer available, depending on the circumstances.

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You can reach them at [email protected] right now.

After September 1, 2021, all purchases made after that date are subject to tax

After September 1, 2021, all transactions will be subject to the terms of their new package protection and insurance provider. ROUTE! Within five days after being recorded as delivered, there are no claims that can be submitted There is a link to Route’s general rules here.

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To make a claim, follow these steps: Step 1: Verify that you purchased Route package protection on your original order confirmation. Your cargo carrier will need to be contacted if you did not.

The second step is to go to and submit your claim.

Your email address and order number must be entered in this third step of the process.

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Step 4, comply with the process to submit the type of claim you desire (this option will not be available if you are attempting to file a claim within 5 days or less of being marked as delivered)

Ukiyo Kumo Discount Code

As a first-time customer, you’ll receive a 15 percent discount on any items you purchase.

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Is Ukiyo Kumo Legit?

In other words, it’s a genuine Smile Partner shop.

Are Fake Nendoroids good?

As for the OP, if you realize it’s a bootleg, there’s nothing wrong with it. They are seldom as nice as the originals, although some are near, and most have a beautiful paint job. It’s also possible to find bootlegs of fashions that aren’t generally accessible for purchase.

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Are NECA toys made in China?

Yes, the entire toy industry is produced in China.

What is Nendoroid Made Of?

ABS and PVC are used in the production of the Nendoroid range of models. Chibi or highly deformed, they have a huge head and a little body to make them appear charming.

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Are Nendoroids Limited?

Nendoroids, especially those depicting prominent characters, are hugely popular. As a result, certain items are more expensive than planned, while others are nearly impossible to come by.

Are Nendoroids Made in Japan?

Prototypes for every Nendoroid are made in Japan.

Despite the fact that most Nendoroids are manufactured in China, each of the line’s hundreds of figure designs is developed in Tottori at the Good Smile research factory.

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How much do Nendoroids cost in Japan?

As of 2013, the average price of Nendoroids in Japan was between 3000 and 4000 Japanese yen.

What is nendoroid doll?

In addition to the Nendoroid heads, the Nendoroid Doll series offers a doll-like body that is highly articulated and can be dressed up in various clothing while remaining a palm-sized action figure!. New display choices are available for Nendoroid figures by swapping out their heads with other Nendoroid pieces.

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What color is nendoroid doll Emily?

It’s Emily, a joyful girl with an exuberant smile, who’s the star of the Nendoroid Doll series. For a more formal look, she’s donning a white shirt with an adorable orange ribbon and a high waisted skirt. In order to dress up your favorite characters in a new attire, you may simply swap out the Nendoroid’s head with a previously released Nendoroid.

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Can you take off nendoroid clothes?

To keep things simple, they divide nendoroids’ customizing options into two categories: Outfits that can’t be taken off Outfits that can be removed and replaced (the clothes can worn and removed)

How long does it take to make a Nendoroid?

They work on the figure’s body for about ten months during this process.

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Is Chibi Chop Shop legit?

They are indeed. Many others in my group utilize them and have never received bootleg parts from them.

How Long Does It Take To Make Anime Figures?

It all depends on the situation. From announcement image to grey prototype to painted prototype to purchase and release, it’s normally a step-by-step progression. Preorder to release can take a long time, and delays are normal, thus this can take a long period. Around a year is what you’re looking at.

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