Lattelier Reviews

Lattelier Reviews – Is This Legit Or A Scam?

This page will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about purchasing Lattelier Store Reviews.

You’ve probably had moments when you’ve felt that your clothing were a little shabby. Now that you have the answer, is the place to go.

This is where you can find the most stylish clothing, on par with what individuals in the US, France, and Germany wear.

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They’ve got everything you need to look and feel your best.

About Lattelier

In Lattelier, the emphasis is on originality. Artistic motifs and fascinating accents are included in the brand’s contemporary fashion designs.

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A mix of high-fashion trends, such as oversized shirts and asymmetrical hems, are included in their women’s collection, which is made of luxurious materials like cashmere, silk, and linen.

We found their Instagram account to have 56K followers, which isn’t surprising given the design of the account.

An in-depth look at the brand and its bestsellers, as well as information on customer evaluations and promotions, will be covered in this Lattelier review. There are some pieces that may be worth reserving a hanger for.

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Overview of Lattelier

When you look at Latterlier’s apparel, the most noticeable thing is the attention to detail. It’s impossible to make a basic item without at least one thing that requires your attention.

Many people fall in love with these pieces, which are both functional and beautiful at the same time.

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Sustainable design is also a priority for the company. Lattelier reduces plastic pollution by employing organic materials like silk, wool, linen, and cashmere.

Lattelier is a New York City-based company with Hong Kong operations, owned by Aponic Inc. and led by CEO Liang Zhou.

Using Chinese manufacturers, the company claims, allows them to keep costs down while still producing responsibly.

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The company sells a product of this kind.

  • Coat
  • V-Neck
  • Designer Shoes
  • Gift Cards
  • Cropped Double-Breasted Blazer
  • Flat Collar Herringbone Coat

An esteemed school like Savannah College of Art & Design produced the product’s designer.

There is an abundance of experience and a focus on cashmere, silk, and other fine fabrics in their range.

The question, “Is Lattelier Store legit?” must be asked.

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It’s time for our Lattelier review to provide you a quick overview of the brand’s range.


  • You’ll find anything from lingerie to workout gear at Lattelier.
  • Functionality and fashion meet in their collection.
  • Instead of synthetic materials, the company opts for those obtained from organic farms.
  • Customers have commented online about the high quality of the products and the accuracy of the photographs.
  • Worldwide shipping is available.
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Positive Highlights

  • Email, address, and customer reviews are provided.
  • A presence in social media.
  • There is a mechanism in place to keep track of orders.
  • Returning faulty goods does not incur any shipping costs.

Highlights of the Negative

  • On the official website, there were no evaluations of the collection’s return policy.

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Lattelier Review.

At first glance, you’ll be presented with an assortment of modern wardrobe-essentials. There are no wacky designs here—just rich, luscious colours and beautiful pleats in every shade.

We’ll go over some of them in the next portion of this Lattelier review. So get ready to shop for silky blouses, flowing pants, and unique outerwear in our upcoming haul.

Trustpilot, as well as the AE Trust Score, have been used to compile the comments and ratings you see below.

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However, we were able to uncover a handful of reviews for some of the brand’s items on its website:

  • Ratings for the Cami Slip Dress: 4.9/5 from 33 customers
  • 5 stars from 49 reviews for the Double-breasted Trench Coat
  • 5 out of 5 ratings from 13 customers for Lunken Bundle

Lattelier Cami Slip Dress buyers spoke about how well-fitting it is and how well it hides their “lump and bump.” This is an incredible accomplishment for a gown of this caliber.

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“The cotton is thick and silky,” another reviewer said of the fabric. Because I’m taller, the dress falls perfectly on my lower limbs. I’d size up if you have broad hips. ” It’s usually difficult to tell how a dress will fit around the hips and how much give it has, so this is helpful information.

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Despite the lack of negative reviews, one buyer noted that the fit was “a touch boxy” in real life.

This may be related to the wearer’s body type, which is why it isn’t depicted in the photo.

No other reviewers have remarked that the seams under the arms could give the garment an angular shape, thus this is merely supposition.

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Pieces by Lattelier are also appropriate for more formal settings, such as weddings and funerals. Love the color of this blazer, the fit is great, and I was able to wear it all day without any issues. My coworkers were quite complimentary.

On Trustpilot, Lattelier received a rating of 2.9/5 stars from four consumers. Despite the fact that there are so few reviews, we’ve given a snapshot of the rating here:

  • Excellent 25%
  • Good 0%
  • Average 0%
  • Poor 0%
  • Bad 75%
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Because there are just four customer reviews, it’s important to point out that the opinions expressed here may not be entirely representative of the company’s overall reputation.

In the words of one delighted customer: “My lovely burgundy trench coat arrived yesterday and I don’t want to ever take it off. A satin-like material that’s a lot heavier than I expected, but still quite supple and easy to work with.

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It’s reassuring to know that the Lattelier drench coat’s material and sizing are precisely as depicted in the photos.

An assessment service for enterprises called AE Trust Score categorized Lattelier into a few different groups.

According to the AE Trust Score, the company’s customer service has a 99/100 rating, which indicates that they have a well-trained staff to assist customers.

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Even if some customers have complained about delivery issues, we don’t have enough data to establish whether or not this is typical of the company’s behavior.

The difficulty of obtaining a refund has been mentioned in other reviews. In this case, there are only three complaints, which may be a good indicator, as if this happened to many more individuals, they would surely have written something about it.

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Lattelier Reviews

Is Lattelier Worth It?

Silks and cashmere have been used to create Lattelier’s exquisite collections of dresses, shirts, outerwear, and blazers.

Designed for women with refined taste, these pieces are similar to those seen in luxury stores.

Lattelier reviews were difficult to obtain online. A few complaints is usually a good sign, but when there aren’t any positive reviews outside of the brand’s own website, it might be difficult to know what to believe.

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How do we interpret this? Lattelier is a legitimate business, right? They are a reputable clothes retailer, according to our opinion.

Customer feedback indicates that it is reasonable to expect lovely, mid-priced items that look and fit exactly as they seem on the website.

Overall, this Lattelier review believes that this brand is absolutely worth the purchase based on the reviews observed online, the styles available, and the firm’s environmental efforts described above.

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Lattelier Promotions & Discounts

This Lattelier team was so kind as to provide a discount just for the members of our community!

Black Friday Sale: a special offer

Use coupon code “HBR35” at checkout for 35% off! There is a time constraint.

Where to Buy Lattelier

There is only one place to get Lattelier apparel: Make sure you’re on the appropriate website because there are many more with similar names.

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What sizes does Lattelier have?

Some goods at Lattelier are also available in Extra Large. When selecting a size, take in mind that many of the brand’s pieces are loose and flowy. If you’re having trouble choosing on a size, the chart below should be of assistance.

What is Lattelier’s Shipping Policy?

Purchasing from Lattelier qualifies you for free shipping if your total is over $99. A $10 fee will be charged if your total is less than that amount.

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A total processing and delivery period of 7–14 business days is promised by the company. There may be a delay of 1–3 days in some areas due to the fact that they ship worldwide.

As a result of COVID-19, you should plan on arriving 4 days later than intended. Even if they aren’t common, delivery delays due to unforeseen circumstances exist.) Email and tracking link will be sent to you once your product has been shipped.

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What is the Lattelier Returns Policy?

For any reason whatsoever, you may return your order within 30 days of receiving it if the item does not fit as expected or is otherwise unacceptable.

Customers can only return one item per purchase, according to this Lattelier customer review.

There is a single time limit on the number of times an item can be returned or exchanged for a new one. Returns and exchanges are no longer possible after that point.

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The following conditions must be met in order for your item to be eligible for return:

  • In a like-new state
  • Tags that have not been damaged

Lattelier says it is “dedicated to exceeding client expectations” when it comes to its products. If you choose store credit instead of a complete refund, the company will give you a credit of 130% of the original value of your item, according to their policy.

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An in-store credit of $130 would be issued for a $100 shirt. This is a fantastic deal.

Email [email protected] to initiate a return or exchange.

How to Contact Lattelier

To wrap things up, here’s our Lattelier verdict. In order to get in touch with the brand, you can do so in one of the following ways:

  • Mail to: [email protected]
  • Follow the Lattelier Store on Instagram at @lattelierstore.
  • Facebook: Lattelier Official
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In our search for the Lattelier phone number, we discovered that the company’s main office is in New York City.

The Ending Thoughts

Lattelier Store Reviews recommends that users avoid purchasing products from this company since this website’s reviews cannot be discovered, despite its trust rating of 60%.

Also, its domain name was registered in the last year. The Breasted Blazer is a good product, but it’s not the only one.

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